Top Fuel 9.8 2010 Demos 17.5 & 18.5″ 1/3 Off!

Why we love this bike-

  • Fox 32F up front, Fox RP23 w/boost valve, rebound, new “Race Cam” rear shock
  • Fully-active suspension under braking with patented ABP Active Brake Pivot explained
  • This bike is full race-ready!
  • These bikes are clean! Virtually no evidence of having been ridden (and their only use was for a couple days at a trade show)

On sale at Chain Reaction for $2999.99! (Offer ends when sold, or sooner at our discretion. But for now, it’s $2999.99) That’s 33% off TREK’s advertised price of $4499.99. Only one 17.5″ frame size, in our Los Altos location, and one each 18.5 in Redwood City & Los Altos. No mail order sales on any Trek bicycles. At these prices, it could be worth a long road trip!