Last 2010 Cobia on sale for $799.99! (Sold)

Why we love this bike-

  • 29ers Rock! Larger wheels don’t drop into potholes like smaller 26″ do.
  • Fisher G2 Geometry so it handles nimbly on singletrack
  • Lockout on front fork so you don’t waste energy on your ride to the trailhead
  • 29-inch wheels means you can outfit high-performance 700c tires if needed
  • Avid mechanical disc brakes don’t require bleeding

On sale during Chain Reaction’s TREKFest for $799.99! (Offer ends 4/17/11 or when sold) That’s $300 off TREK’s advertised price of $1099.99, and $400 off the web price of the nearly-the-same 2011 model. One only, 21″ frame size, in our Los Altos location. Fits taller folk, around 6′. No rainchecks, no mail-order sales. SOLD

Another 2010 5-Series Madone heading out the door!

It’s wet outside? It won’t be forever! Be ready with your new bike! We’re sending out one of our last 5-Series 2010 Madones right now, this one a 56cm triple, geared for the Death Ride and other adventures he’s planning on taking.

As I mentioned in another post, people ask during the Summer, “When is a good time to buy a new bike?” The answer is today! Many bikes on sale, well below the prices listed on our on-line sale sheet. They’re easy to spot in the store; we’ve got silly “extra savings” tags with Piggies on them. Why Piggies? Because I came across a cool Piggy graphic and had to find a use for it.

Remember that, this week, both stores will be open every day through Christmas Eve, with Christmas Eve hours of 10am-2pm.

Sidi Closeout Shoe Sale! $50 each, values to $179!

Redwood City location only. Almost entirely women’s except one BIG guy’s shoe (size 52 wide/Mega Sidi Genius 3 road). These shoes sold for $139.99-$179.99 each. If any of these fit, they’re yours for just $50 each! Or buy them on ‘spec and sell ‘em on eBay for profit if that’s your fancy. All sales final; these are not appropriate for purchase as a gift when there’s a chance they might not fit. If one of these won’t work, and you’ve got to spend $80-$250 on a pair of Bontrager, Shimano or Sidi shoes at our regular low price, please consider that the brands we sell are very durable and will last for several years, making them all great buys. One last thing- as with any shoe, fit is more important than features or price. If it doesn’t fit right, it isn’t going to be comfortable over the long haul. Never sacrifice fit to save a few dollars.  –Mike–

Sidi Shoe Closeouts! $50 each!

Here’s what we’ve got, as of 12/15/10-

Sidi Genius 3 Mega (wide) size 52
Sidi Scarpe size 41

MENS SPD (recessed/mtn)
Sidi Scarpe size 41
Sidi Dominator 2 size 36

Sidi Verona sizes 35, 26, 37, 42.5
Sidi Zeta sizes 39.5, 43

WOMENS SPD (recessed/mtn)
Sidi Toscana sizes 35, 36, 37.5
Sidi Bullet sizes 38, 38.5, 42, 43

Use the handy sizing chart below to find out what might fit you!

Click to enlarge this handy shoe sizing/conversion chart

’08 7.9 FX Carbon-fiber Hybrid on sale for $1749.99!

Someone 4'11 to 5'4 needs to provide me a good home! And save $500!

SOLD! Just one left, 15″ size (fits someone approximately 4’11 to 5’3, maybe 5’4 or so), in our Los Altos store. This is a smooth-riding ultralight carbon-fiber road bike with an Ultegra & ’105 10-speed drivetrain, triple crankset up front for really low hill-climbing gears, lightweight Bontrager wheels and flat-resistant Bontrager Hardcase tires. We sold a lot of these in larger sizes, but somehow this one small bike kind of got lost in the shop and is looking for a good home.

Whether you’re riding “The Loop” or the Shoreline Trail or Bicycle Sunday on Canada Road, this bike is going to make it easier and more comfortable. Click here for full specs.

These bikes were a very good deal at $2249.99; at $1749.99 it’s a steal. You’ve just got to be the right size for it.

Save $200 on 2010 Belt-Drive District single-speed!

You don’t realize how much a chain affects the “feel” of a bike until you ride one with a belt. It’s pretty amazing. In a word, smooth. It’s like riding on a cloud. A lot of what you thought was “road feel” has actually been chain vibration coming through the seat & pedals & handlebar.

Dan & Don & the 2010 Trek District

Belt drive also eliminates a lot of maintenance. No chain to oil! Sprockets that last forever. A belt that lasts 3 times longer than a chain. No grease on your pants when you ride it.

The only real downside to a belt is that you can’t use a derailleur on one (so if you want “gears” it has to use an internal hub, like the 3-speed your dad tells you was good enough for him back in the day) and, until now, they cost a lot. We’ve got 6 2010 Trek Districts left of these left (as of 10/1/10) on sale for $799, $200 off our regular price, $250 off the price Trek has advertised them for on their website. 54, 56, 58 & 60cm so we can fit people from about 5’6 to 6’2 or so.

Click here for full specs on this fun, functional & stylish bike… on sale for $799 while they last. No mail orders, no rainchecks.

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Chain Reaction’s goal is to make you fall in love with riding, and that means the right style of bike, fit perfectly, and in a price range that makes sense. It’s how we’ve done business for 30 years, and it works.  Thanks-  –Mike & Steve Jacoubowsky, Partners, Chain Reaction Bicycles

$1250 off 47cm ’09 Trek Madone 5.2 WSD, now $2499.99!

PRICE REDUCED EVEN FURTHER ON LAST ONE IN STOCK! The 2009 Trek Madone 5.2 WSD (Women Specific Design) is a perfect combination of light & comfortable frame, great-shifting drivetrain and great looks. We have just one left in 47 cm, which will fit women in the range of 5′ to 5’2″ or so. There’s no guesswork involved; we use the New England Cycling Academy Fit Kit to get your measurements and size everything appropriately.

'09 Madone 5.2 WSD made in the USA! Click on photo for full specs.

This is one of the last of the 5-series Madones with the domestic frame using OCLV technology (for 2011, this bike has moved overseas and you have to bump up to a more-expensive 6-series Madone to get a domestic, higher-technology frameset). Another interesting advantage this has over current road bikes is easier shifting of the front derailleur. Shimano recently made a change to “hidden” cables, which look very nice, but add enough friction to the shifting that some women have trouble with the new system who had no issues with the earlier levers.

Our sale price of $2499.99 is $1250 off the original price we sold these bikes for, and a fantastic buy if you fit one.

The bike shown in the picture has a double crankset, but what we have in stock are all the more-desirable triple option (three front chainrings instead of two, so you get a lower gear to make steeper hills easier to climb).

Since there are only a few of these left, please call one of our stores before coming in, to make sure the size you need is still available. 650 366 7130 for our Redwood City location, 408 735 8735 for Los Altos.