Why you’re going to buy a TREK Road Bike this year (new Domane blows away competition)

We’re not just excited about the 2013 TREK road bike offerings… we’re scared. As in, in all seriousness, we don’t know how we’re going to handle all the new models and increased demand. The new Domane for example. An absolute rock-star. The first road bike that actually accomplishes the goals of-

  • Ultra-comfortable on long rides and bumpy roads
  • Fantastic torsional rigidity for better climbing & descending
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Performance that justifies (and exceeds) the marketing hype

Staff is excited about the higher-end offerings, starting with the Domane 4.0 that’s just $1999.99 at Chain Reaction ($100 off TREK’s website price)¬†with a full-carbon frame. But I’m looking at the Domane 2.0, a bike for just $1299 at Chain Reaction ($1429 on TREK’s website)¬†that’s going to give something really special to those who have more modest requirements. Because it’s not a modest bike at all, it’s what we call a category-killer. Customers who’ve ridden and bought them tried all sorts of other bikes but rode away with a Damone.

What makes the Domane so much better than every other bike claiming to be an endurance or comfort machine? A unique design where the seat tube and top tube aren’t directly connected. There’s actually a bearing that allows the seat tube to flex when you hit a bump. No funny inserts that damp small vibrations, no ultral-long chainstays that rob you of hill-climbing power. Just a brain-dead-simple design that sucks up bumps without creating a squishy, unresponsive bike. The short video above explains it best.

Come in for a test-ride and see for yourself. The difference is amazing. Specialized, Scott, Felt, Giant, Cannondale… none have anything like it. They’re going to be playing catch-up for quite a while. Just like your friends will be doing when you get your own!