A 90-second tour of our Redwood City remodel

24 years in the making. I’m looking at this as the Bay Area’s newest bike shop is 32 years old!

We’ve still got more to do, and a now modern-looking facility that’s worthy of better upkeep (which means more sweeping & wiping & keeping things in their place). And I’m still trying to figure out where everything is, but remarkably, the most-significant thing that got lost in the transition was a paper shredder (OK, a week later, we found it). Might have ended up in the massive pile of old electronic stuff we’ve collected over the past 24 years at this location.

Stop by and check out the place. Same friendly and helpful people as before, but a much nicer presentation. –Mike–

Why we ride #487

Passing the torch. OK, it didn’t feel like that as it happened last weekend; I hung with my son for the first mile up Old LaHonda, hit a steep part, and as I slowed down he accelerated. By the time I got to the top he’d had over two minutes to rest. Several years ago I looked forward to this happening. Today? I’m thinking revenge. Time to coax whatever I can out of this body, while I can! –Mike–

It was a great run while it lasted; one of the best! A solid month without rain, giving us some of the best winter rides ever. Now it's time to get out the rain bike and check to make sure there's still life left in the brake pads, and run down all your wet-weather gear, because it's going to get... wet. Good thing my new Contour cycling video camera is waterproof!