2010 Trek District now $649.99!

Why we love this bike-

  • Incredibly-smooth ride that only a belt-drive can offer
  • Low maintenance, since belts don’t need oil and don’t collect grit like chains
  • Simple operation & very light because it’s a single speed with a belt-drive
  • Killer commute & town bike if you don’t have big hills.
  • Carbon fork to smooth out the bumps
  • Did we tell you it’s belt-drive?

On sale at Chain Reaction for $649.99! That’s $450 off TREK’s advertised price of $1099.99, and $350 off our regular discounted price. Just 50, 54 & 56cm remaining as of 09/23/11.

16 thoughts on “2010 Trek District now $649.99!

  1. Do you have available the orange/grey version size 56 ?
    How much to ship to New Zealand?
    Thank you for your assistance.

  2. Darryl: Sorry, but we cannot sell Trek bikes mail-order; Trek doesn’t allow dealers to do so. The only way you can buy a bike from us is by visiting our store in-person. Maybe a good time for a vacation in California? Regarding the orange/grey color, we have those only in 60cm size and they run $100 more. Thanks- –Mike–

  3. I would like to buy one of these 60cm Treks in orange/grey next week in your store
    Let me know if you have any in stock.
    Do you sell carry bags for these bikes – i will fly it back to nyc


    • Sorry to take a bit of time getting back to you. We do have a couple left in 60cm in the orange/grey color, on sale for $699. We don’t sell a good bag to carry one of these bikes, but it wouldn’t be very difficult to put one into a standard bike box. Best to call the store before you come in, to make sure we have the right size in the store you’re closest to. Thanks- –Mike–

  4. I’m assuming you have long since sold out. But if a few left do you have any in 50, 52, or 54cm frame sizes? Color?

    • Currently just 2013 models, which are very different bikes from the 2010. Huge change to the frame, with the shock-absorbing rear end. Price for current model is $999. –Mike–

        • Sawyers have been gone for a very long time. Regarding belt drives, they generally cannot be retrofit due to the need for a split/open chainstay/seatstay junction so the belt can be installed (the belts are one-piece). –Mike–

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