Lance-autographed 6th ‘Tour Special at 50% off!

Limited Edition Livestrong 6™

Why you’ll love this bike-

  • Not just a replica, this is a fantastic-riding bike
  • USA-Made with OCLV 55 carbon
  • Special paint job w/gold leaf decals. This bike is spectacular
  • Includes lithograph signed by Lance

You almost never see a bike at 50% off, and even more rarely one that’s a legitimate collector’s item. This bike is a near-exact replica of what Lance rode on the final day of the

58cm Lance "6" bike

2004 Tour de France. Built around the Madone 110-carbon OCLV frameset, it features gold-leaf decaling, special paint, limited-edition gold-spoked Race X-Lite wheels with aluminum rims & carbon hubs, and a signed lithograph print. And yes, as you can see, the top tube is signed as well!

Lance's signature on top tube

Just one bike, a 58cm, the correct size for someone in the range of 5’10 to 6′ or so. It also may have great value to a Lance supporter looking for a collector’s item, as this may be the only one left, anywhere. And at $4749.99, 50% off it’s original price of $9499.99, it’s an incredible deal.

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