Sidi Closeout Shoe Sale! $50 each, values to $179!

Redwood City location only. Almost entirely women’s except one BIG guy’s shoe (size 52 wide/Mega Sidi Genius 3 road). These shoes sold for $139.99-$179.99 each. If any of these fit, they’re yours for just $50 each! Or buy them on ‘spec and sell ‘em on eBay for profit if that’s your fancy. All sales final; these are not appropriate for purchase as a gift when there’s a chance they might not fit. If one of these won’t work, and you’ve got to spend $80-$250 on a pair of Bontrager, Shimano or Sidi shoes at our regular low price, please consider that the brands we sell are very durable and will last for several years, making them all great buys. One last thing- as with any shoe, fit is more important than features or price. If it doesn’t fit right, it isn’t going to be comfortable over the long haul. Never sacrifice fit to save a few dollars.¬† –Mike–

Sidi Shoe Closeouts! $50 each!

Here’s what we’ve got, as of 12/15/10-

Sidi Genius 3 Mega (wide) size 52
Sidi Scarpe size 41

MENS SPD (recessed/mtn)
Sidi Scarpe size 41
Sidi Dominator 2 size 36

Sidi Verona sizes 35, 26, 37, 42.5
Sidi Zeta sizes 39.5, 43

WOMENS SPD (recessed/mtn)
Sidi Toscana sizes 35, 36, 37.5
Sidi Bullet sizes 38, 38.5, 42, 43

Use the handy sizing chart below to find out what might fit you!

Click to enlarge this handy shoe sizing/conversion chart

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