’08 7.9 FX Carbon-fiber Hybrid on sale for $1749.99!

Someone 4'11 to 5'4 needs to provide me a good home! And save $500!

SOLD! Just one left, 15″ size (fits someone approximately 4’11 to 5’3, maybe 5’4 or so), in our Los Altos store. This is a smooth-riding ultralight carbon-fiber road bike with an Ultegra & ’105 10-speed drivetrain, triple crankset up front for really low hill-climbing gears, lightweight Bontrager wheels and flat-resistant Bontrager Hardcase tires. We sold a lot of these in larger sizes, but somehow this one small bike kind of got lost in the shop and is looking for a good home.

Whether you’re riding “The Loop” or the Shoreline Trail or Bicycle Sunday on Canada Road, this bike is going to make it easier and more comfortable. Click here for full specs.

These bikes were a very good deal at $2249.99; at $1749.99 it’s a steal. You’ve just got to be the right size for it.

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