Save $200 on 2010 Belt-Drive District single-speed!

You don’t realize how much a chain affects the “feel” of a bike until you ride one with a belt. It’s pretty amazing. In a word, smooth. It’s like riding on a cloud. A lot of what you thought was “road feel” has actually been chain vibration coming through the seat & pedals & handlebar.

Dan & Don & the 2010 Trek District

Belt drive also eliminates a lot of maintenance. No chain to oil! Sprockets that last forever. A belt that lasts 3 times longer than a chain. No grease on your pants when you ride it.

The only real downside to a belt is that you can’t use a derailleur on one (so if you want “gears” it has to use an internal hub, like the 3-speed your dad tells you was good enough for him back in the day) and, until now, they cost a lot. We’ve got 6 2010 Trek Districts left of these left (as of 10/1/10) on sale for $799, $200 off our regular price, $250 off the price Trek has advertised them for on their website. 54, 56, 58 & 60cm so we can fit people from about 5’6 to 6’2 or so.

Click here for full specs on this fun, functional & stylish bike… on sale for $799 while they last. No mail orders, no rainchecks.

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