’08 7.9 FX Carbon-fiber Hybrid on sale for $1749.99!

Someone 4'11 to 5'4 needs to provide me a good home! And save $500!

SOLD! Just one left, 15″ size (fits someone approximately 4’11 to 5’3, maybe 5’4 or so), in our Los Altos store. This is a smooth-riding ultralight carbon-fiber road bike with an Ultegra & ’105 10-speed drivetrain, triple crankset up front for really low hill-climbing gears, lightweight Bontrager wheels and flat-resistant Bontrager Hardcase tires. We sold a lot of these in larger sizes, but somehow this one small bike kind of got lost in the shop and is looking for a good home.

Whether you’re riding “The Loop” or the Shoreline Trail or Bicycle Sunday on Canada Road, this bike is going to make it easier and more comfortable. Click here for full specs.

These bikes were a very good deal at $2249.99; at $1749.99 it’s a steal. You’ve just got to be the right size for it.

Save $200 on 2010 Belt-Drive District single-speed!

You don’t realize how much a chain affects the “feel” of a bike until you ride one with a belt. It’s pretty amazing. In a word, smooth. It’s like riding on a cloud. A lot of what you thought was “road feel” has actually been chain vibration coming through the seat & pedals & handlebar.

Dan & Don & the 2010 Trek District

Belt drive also eliminates a lot of maintenance. No chain to oil! Sprockets that last forever. A belt that lasts 3 times longer than a chain. No grease on your pants when you ride it.

The only real downside to a belt is that you can’t use a derailleur on one (so if you want “gears” it has to use an internal hub, like the 3-speed your dad tells you was good enough for him back in the day) and, until now, they cost a lot. We’ve got 6 2010 Trek Districts left of these left (as of 10/1/10) on sale for $799, $200 off our regular price, $250 off the price Trek has advertised them for on their website. 54, 56, 58 & 60cm so we can fit people from about 5’6 to 6’2 or so.

Click here for full specs on this fun, functional & stylish bike… on sale for $799 while they last. No mail orders, no rainchecks.

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