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TrekCarePlus FAQ- Affordable Wear & Tear & Accident Coverage for your new Trek!

AS OF 10/13/2014, TREKCARE PLUS HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. It turned out to be, quite literally, too good a deal. The 3rd party company that Trek had contracted with did not expect the level of use (redemption of benefits, as in, replacement of worn out parts) and was losing too much money to continue. All plans sold will remain in effect, with no change in benefits. Trek still believes in the concept though, and is looking for a way to bring it back. We'll let you know when they do!  --MikeJ

Protect your new Trek bike from accidental damage while riding, and get free replacement of many common wear & tear items! If you ride a lot, you could save hundreds, even $1000+ on cassettes, chains, wheels & more. Just $49 - $499!

Trek Care Plus is available at Chain Reaction Bicycles starting September 3, 2013
Available for purchase September 3, 2013, but may be added to any bike purchased 60 days prior.

What's covered under Wear & Tear?

Regular wear and tear on the following (regular maintenance is not covered)

Are brake pads covered?

No. Most things are but brake pads, tires & tubes are not covered.

Accidental Damage

What does accidental damage cover?

Sudden and unforeseen accidental damage that happens while riding. Covered components include:

What if my bike is on my roof rack and I run it into the garage? Sorry, you're not covered. You must be riding your bike when the damage occurs to be covered.

What if I'm cruising the local single track on my Madone and I taco my rim? Is that covered?

No. You must be riding your bike in the way that it was built for.

If I crash and my frame cracks because of the crash is that covered?

Yes. As long as it's not a normal warranty issue

Extended Warranty

Does Trek Care Plus extend the original manufacturer warranty?

Yes but inclusive of the original warranty. Meaning that if the original warranty was one year then the extended warranty is a total of 3 years (2 years added on). It will not extend an original warranty that is 3 years or more.


When does coverage start?

Coverage starts the day that the plan is purchased. Because a customer might purchase the plan up to 60 days after the purchase of the bike the coverage ends three years after the purchase of the bike.

What? The consumer has 60 days after the purchase of the bike to come back and buy Trek Care Plus?


Are accessory items like bags or bottle cages covered?

No. Only parts that are needed to actually operate the bike are covered.

What does it cost?

$49.99 for bikes up to $499.99

$119.99 for bikes $500-$749.99

$149.99 for bikes $750-$1999.99

$359.99 for bikes $2000-$6999.99

$499.99 for bikes $7000-$12999.99

Is there a limit to my coverage?

Yes. The total amount for all claims cannot exceed the purchase price for the bike. From a practical standpoint this will never be an issue for wear & tear, but does place a limit on the number of frames you can destroy through normal road use, including accidents. Someone racing, who might literally destroy a frame a year, will likely get just one replacement (since a frame represents a significant part of the cost of a bike).

This program is a no-brainer for people who ride a lot! The big savings will be in chain, cassette & chainring replacement, with the added benefit of accident damage thrown in for good measure. If you're wondering why the pricing ramps up rapidly for the more-expensive bikes, it's likely due to the expense of replacing high-end carbon road frames. But again, keep in mind this does not cover bike-car damage, ever. If you're going down, aim for something other than the car. Better yet, don't crash in the first place.

Remember, this covers only Trek bicycles, nothing else, and only Trek bicycles you've purchased new from us within the past 60 days.

Thanks, Mike & Steve Jacoubowsky, Chain Reaction Bicycles




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