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Little Lost iPhone phones home

A message from beyond the grave?
My stolen iPhone just called. Sort of.

It’s not really a call from beyond the grave, but it kinda feels like it. I gave up being sad about my stolen iPhone (happened in Grenoble, France this past July) and assumed it had long-since been wiped clean and passed on to someone new in a flea market in eastern europe. But then I get this odd email, from an obscure application I had been testing that emails your location at a regular interval (when activated) so you can have someone track you.

My iPhone had been quiet for 4 months. And then today I get two emails from the app (iPhoneLocUpdater), telling me it’s having a great time in Algeria. I’ve moved on; I have my iPhone4S now, which works even better, in addition to my fake iPhone5. But that phone and its apps reflect who I am, so it’s personal to me and if I could push a button and remotely vaporize it, I’d gladly do so.