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Skywood Way to Skyline details

Skywood-Way-routeIf you’ve wondered about alternate routes up to Skyline from Woodside, I’ll fill in some details on the Skywood Way option for the last mile up to Sky Londa. Video of the route below. Heavily “stabilized” by YouTube to avoid the seasick feeling you’d get from watching me wobble from side-to-side on the way up. This is a much-tougher grade than Old LaHonda, not quite as difficult as the nastiest part of Page Mill (between Gates 3 & 4 I think?).

Generally you’d access Skywood Way from the “bottom” while climbing up 84 from Woodside towards Sky Londa. Look for the road on the right, pretty much the only road on the right. Make the first left and just follow the non-dead-end options (or, simply choose the steepest option, which is almost always the correct route on any ride!). –Mike–