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Day 1, First day of the rest of my life

I should be out riding this morning. Instead I’m on a plane, heading to Chicago then Minneapolis. Business meetings, trying to change the world, make things better for cycling. The usual stuff. Only I feel like I’m on bonus time, since today, at not even 57, I outlive my father.

That’s a strange concept. I can’t imagine missing out on what lies ahead. I can’t fathom not watching my kids as they grow up and have to shortly start pretending to be responsible (they’re 20 & 25). I can’t imagine the vacations I wouldn’t be taking with my wife.

And I can’t imagine not riding a bike.

The whole mortality thing started hitting a few years ago, when I started to realize my legs will never be as strong as they were before, my eyes not as good, my hearing on the decline. That stuff would truly bother me at times, but getting past today seems to erase most of those fears. I know how strange that must sound, but it’s been a tangible presence for a while.

Until today. Because now I’m on bonus time. More thankful and appreciative of each new day and wanting to make sure, in everything I do, that I make the choice, because it is a choice, to make the world a little bit better place. -Mike-