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Darn that GoPro & other tech failures on a beautiful ride

Is it just me, or is the GoPro Hero2 the most-finicky camera/tech gadget ever? I’ve had more lock-ups and outright failures than anything else I’ve ever used, and that includes Windows 2.0! Today’s fun was from using the wrong memory card; a 32 gig micro SD in an adapter. I’ve used 8 & 16 gig micro SD cards in adapters fine, I’ve used 32 gig standard SD cards. But a 32 gig micro shows a “no SD” (as in, no SD card) error. On other cards, it will work for a while but then decide it doesn’t want to keep recording after the first 10 minute segment. And sometimes it doesn’t charge the battery, even though it says it is, and indicates it’s done. Of course I don’t discover any of this until 10 minutes after I’ve left the house, when it’s time to turn on the camera.

Taken w/Instagram! Left to right, Kevin, Karl, Kevin, Eric & Jan at the top of Old LaHonda
Taken w/Instagram! Left to right, Kevin, Karl, Kevin, Eric & Jan at the top of Old LaHonda

So instead, I’m thinking I’ll try to use Instagram to record the ride. Yeah, right. Trying to operate an iPhone with a winter glove, holding and pushing the shutter button with just one hand… oh yeah, good luck with that! It works nicely if you’re stopped though, and should work OK with regular gloves. Soon as it gets warmer, maybe on Sunday’s ride, I’ll report back on this.

But what about the ride? A bit warmer, maybe 44 degrees at the start (and you’d be surprised how different 44 feels from, say, 38). Roll call found in the photo on the left. Since it was Thursday it was a run through the park, with Kevin (my son, not the pilot) feeling a whole lot better than Tuesday and pushing the pace for the first third of the ride. I was feeling a bit better too, but instead of trying to keep up with Kevin I chose to make sure there were no issues at the back. Jan is normally stronger than me on the climbs, but he’s spent the last few weeks skiing instead of cycling. No problem, not much of a sacrifice on my part to drop my speed a bit and keep someone company.  –Mike–