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You don’t want to go to this website…

Once in a while you come across a really cool website, something that has just that right combination of bizarre-but-real, potentially just a tad bit gross to think about, and definitely in that you-can’t-make-stuff-like-this-up category.

This is a tame example; some of the stuff shown on their website is just plain gross!

Today I found a new one. http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com/ This was actually incidental to the quest I began just a short time ago, when MSN.com displayed a graphic of bacon and stated “It’s not just for breakfast anymore.” As if, I mean, bacon is a true all-day food, great for breakfast (straight up), BLTs for lunch,

Click for details

and double cheeseburgers with extra bacon for dinner! But by the time I got around to trying to capture their absurd headline and show it here, it was gone, but doing a quick google on bacon came up with something even better!

And if you want to torture your local Starbucks (and burn a few more calories trying to fit into your pants), click on that 7-layer Frappa-something-or-other on the left. Yikes!