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50-75% off books & videos! Virtually everything must go, especially the dopers!

Closing out books and videos! All books & videos 50% off (exceptions- Park Blue Repair Book and special orders).
Andrew in our Redwood City store, checking out our “dopers” section, looking for ways to ride faster. All “doper” books 75% off, TdF Tour videos 50% off.

We’re closing out our books, all of them, every single book except the Blue Park Tools Repair Manual, in both stores. That means every book (except the Park book mentioned), every video, everything in stock that’s not special-ordered, is on sale for 50% off.

Save even more on books written by, for, and about doping cyclists and their staff, whether it be the various Lance-related books, Floyd Landis’s lying diatribe or Johan Bruyneel’s “We might as well dope” (er, I mean, win, not dope). These books are all 75% off, Tour de France videos 50% off. Like it or not these are part of cycling’s history, something that someday we’ll look back upon and think how naive we were to believe anything would change, or thank goodness that era came to an end and we now have a clean(er) sport.

Our full selection of books for, by & about dopers!
If you’re interested in my personal “history” with Lance and doping, my thoughts and how they changed over the years, I’ve written about it here.
Our selection of non-doper bicycle books, repair guides and more! Everything must go (with the exception of the Park Blue Repair Manual and special orders).

No returns or exchanges on closeout books & videos.