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The only constant this morning was me

A bit cooler this morning but looked to be a very nice morning, something to really look forward to when the forecast show 10 solid days of rain ahead. As I’ve said so many times before, any day you can see your shadow is a good day. 10 days straight of gray is not.

Eric riding over the "repaired" section of road on west Old LaHonda. We'll see how it does with 10 days of rain coming up.

Just Eric at the start, but we picked up Markus (that’s the third way I’ve spelled his name and, according to Ludo, possibly the first time I’ve spelled it correctly… maybe?) before the start of the climb, caught up to Millo at the park entrance, and Ludo caught up to us from behind shortly after that. This was a completely different group than Tuesday, with the exception of Markus’s brief visit (he heads home shortly after we hit Skyline).

37 degrees was the coolest spot, a bit warmer up on Skyline and 41 degrees on west-side Old LaHonda, making this possibly our last ride in the 30s this season (even though it’s a “cold” storm heading in, the cloud cover means it isn’t likely to drop below the mid-4os). No rabbits yet; I think they’re waiting for it to warm up a bit more (although Eric says he’s seen them around his house, up in the hills above Los Gatos).

Do I really believe we’re going to have 10 days of rain starting tomorrow? No. Experience tells me that it’s very rare that we ever go more than three days before a break in the action. Unfortunately, it’s even more rare that such a break in the rain coincides with when I can ride!

Yes, I rode this morning

Yes, I rode this morning. My first semi-epic rain ride of the season, which tends to be a bit problematic in getting out the door, since last-minute changes to the stuff I got out the night before are inevitable as I look out the window and see rain and feel cold radiating a foot away from the glass. Yes, this is going to be challenging.

I’m rigid about this ride starting on time, but this morning that just wasn’t going to happen, or at least the part of the ride that includes me. I’ve got a new pair of waterproof Gore gloves that are beyond-challenging to get on. How do people do it? Lined gloves just don’t like my fingers. I can usually get three into place, four maybe, but the small finger on my right hand just wasn’t cooperative, especially when the other hand required to help already had a glove on it. So back into the house I go, asking for help from my wife and not dealing very well with my frustration as I watch a few precious minutes go by. Eventually I’m out on the road, and arrive three minutes late to the start, where… nobody is waiting. Continue reading Yes, I rode this morning