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Two Kevins today! Plus Karl, plus fog, plus gradually learning to edit video

Kevin (my son, not the pilot) is off school this week, so naturally he was going to show up on one of the Tuesday/Thursday-morning rides, right? Preferably both? Yeah, right, the last thing a kid wants to do when they don’t have school is get up early; Kevin begged out of Tuesday’s ride with that excuse, but made an agreement that he’d be there today. So, I got up 15 minutes earlier than normal (not fun; I don’t like getting up when the first digit on the clock shows a “6”) and was happy to see that the forecast rain hadn’t materialized so I could ride my nice bike and we didn’t have to throw fenders on Kevin’s.

We rode up to the start a few minutes early, planning to tell whomever might be there that we’d be getting a bit of a head start. Whomever, in this case, was just Karl, but since most show up for this ride with maybe a minute or two to spare, no more, that wasn’t very surprising. I did expect to see Eric, who is most definitely not scared by even a “5” showing up as the first digit on the clock, but it was likely pretty wet where he lives, in the mountains about Los Gatos.

Kevin and I weren’t riding very fast up the hill, but apparently fast enough to hold off Karl and pilot Kevin, whom we finally saw on Skyline just before descending towards Sky Londa (we’d stopped to put on windbreakers, since it had dropped to 41 up on top). The video tells the story… we were, quite literally, riding in the clouds. Don’t worry, this one’s short (under two minutes). The moving black bars are a result of using image stabilization functions in Adobe Premiere Elements to try and get rid of the shakiness from the camera mount.

Things cleared up just past Skeggs Point, and it was quite beautiful out on west-side Old LaHonda. Unfortunately, we learned a bit more about what’s going on with the road, as we met up with a road crew laying down some patches. They told us there were no plans to do anything about the area where the road is sliding down into the canyon, and in fact they have cancelled heavy maintenance (chip-sealing) because the road doesn’t seem to have a future. Very unfortunate that they are still allowing vehicular traffic without restriction through the failing patch of roadway; I’m sure that the road would last much longer if they posted it as being impassable for trucks. Enjoy it while you can!

The only constant this morning was me

A bit cooler this morning but looked to be a very nice morning, something to really look forward to when the forecast show 10 solid days of rain ahead. As I’ve said so many times before, any day you can see your shadow is a good day. 10 days straight of gray is not.

Eric riding over the "repaired" section of road on west Old LaHonda. We'll see how it does with 10 days of rain coming up.

Just Eric at the start, but we picked up Markus (that’s the third way I’ve spelled his name and, according to Ludo, possibly the first time I’ve spelled it correctly… maybe?) before the start of the climb, caught up to Millo at the park entrance, and Ludo caught up to us from behind shortly after that. This was a completely different group than Tuesday, with the exception of Markus’s brief visit (he heads home shortly after we hit Skyline).

37 degrees was the coolest spot, a bit warmer up on Skyline and 41 degrees on west-side Old LaHonda, making this possibly our last ride in the 30s this season (even though it’s a “cold” storm heading in, the cloud cover means it isn’t likely to drop below the mid-4os). No rabbits yet; I think they’re waiting for it to warm up a bit more (although Eric says he’s seen them around his house, up in the hills above Los Gatos).

Do I really believe we’re going to have 10 days of rain starting tomorrow? No. Experience tells me that it’s very rare that we ever go more than three days before a break in the action. Unfortunately, it’s even more rare that such a break in the rain coincides with when I can ride!