Machu Picchu at last

Why would anybody build a city on top of a mountain, requiring that people trek long distances through a jungle, up hundreds, no, thousands of steep steps… no, wait, bigger question, why would you almost-completely build such a place, have it completely functional, and then abandon it without obvious reason?

Becky and I visited Machu Picchu today, and discovered just how vast it really is, and how silly we were to think that climbing Huanapicchu should be on that list of fun things to do? More on this later, for now we’ll start with a few photos and let you know that climbing Huanapicchu, and descending it, were two of the toughest Strava segments of my life! And they were only .7 miles each.

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“I want to see more pictures!:

That was the comment Kevin made after yesterday, or the day before’s post. Yes, I’ve got quite a few, and if I get a chance soon, I’ll post them, but, as they say in Calvin & Hobbes, “The days are just packed.” Today is the BIG day. It’s 5am local time, and those who know me, know I’m not a morning person. But this is Machu Picchu day, which means seeing it at sunrise and hiking up the monster nasty adjacent hill first, before the big crowds hit. It’s like getting into Disneyland an hour before park opens, but you’re complaining about having to get up at 7am to do it. Yeah, well, try 4:30am! Pictures soon, I promise.

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