Just another pretty picture

If you leave your video camera on long enough, eventually you get a pretty picture.
You can have those days where it takes 38 minutes to get up Kings, and it never gets about 39 degrees, and the roads are a mess from earlier rain and debris from trees that had fallen across the road and just recently cleared, and maybe you might wonder, as you’re heading up Kings towards that 38 minute time, why are you here? Why did you get up an hour early, have to put on extra clothes to try and stay warm and sorta dry, and have to ride your heavier rain bike but that’s not an excuse as Kevin rides away from you because his bike has got tank wheels on it?

You keep on going up the hill because you know everything changes once you get to the top. Not always for the better; it was actually colder up top! But nearly all the climbing is done so you can relax a bit and draft behind the two Kevins (both my son and the pilot were with me today).

But mostly, the point of riding is that it’s just so darned beautiful out there. And you’re not just seeing it in-person (making it better than a picture) but you got there under your own power. The people commuting to work in their cars, windows rolled up, heaters turned to blast-furnace setting, dressed like eskimos and looking like they’re dreading life at the moment? Those are the people for whom you should be wondering, “What’s the point.” The idiots out there on their bikes, sometimes in crazy conditions? There’s more going for that than you might think.

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Not even a flyby this morning… was I the only person out on the road?

If I wasn’t out there, who was going to move this big rock out of the road? This was on Kings, about 1/4 mile from the top.
A few memorable things from this morning’s ride. First, nobody out there but me. I mean nobody. Oh well sure, the two women walking their dog on Manuella, they were there. But no other bikes, not even a runner to be seen. Just me. Younger Kevin likely would have been out there, but he’s in Disneyland with his sister (Becky) right now.

It wasn’t that bad out there. Yes, raining a bit, but not too heavily. Not too cold either; coldest was 43 across Skyline. No biggie, you can easily dress for weather like this. The wind picked up a bit up top, but it was one of those things where you heard it more than felt it. Definitely not an epic ride, despite everyone else being scared away.

I did have the opportunity to clear a large rock from Kings Mtn though, as you can see in the photo. It was also amusing that someone driving down Kings rolled down her window to ask me if the road was open, apparently thinking I must be one of those crazy bike nuts that wouldn’t be stopped by a road closure. How did she know that?

Of course right now it’s raining heavily and yes, I wish I was out there. I just love being on a bike, what can I say?

Speed? There was no speed this morning. 41 minutes from bottom to top, probably a new record (of a dubious type) for me. That did include stopping to move the rock though; I might have been able to crack 40 minutes otherwise. Obviously I was in no hurry to get up the hill this morning.

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