Heavy enforcement action on Canada Road today, plus easy ride with an old friend

Heavy stop-sign enforcement on Canada Road for the Glenwood stop sign. Pretty much the entire PenVelo ride got pulled over and ticketed.
November 4th, and it’s clear skies, 59-68 degrees, light wind. Kevin was off hiking with a friend, but it wasn’t a solo effort today; Larry, someone I used to race with back in the 70s and rode in France with two years ago, was out here on business and joined me for a ride.

Since it’s Sunday it was the “usual” ride- Old LaHonda, Pescadero, Tunitas. Since it wasn’t with Kevin, it didn’t have to be fast. And… it wasn’t. We’re talking 34 minutes up Old LaHonda, 15 minutes up Haskins and an 1 hour 25 minutes up Tunitas. But hey, the ride down Kings was fast! And we definitely had a better ride than all those guys on the Pen Velo ride seen in the photo above, who were pulled over, en masse, for rolling through the Glenwood stop sign on Canada Road.

Regarding Thursday’s missing ride entry, yes, we did ride, myself, Kevin (younger Kevin) and Karen. Kevin was having a “bad peach” day (er, poop issues) so we had to make an unscheduled and fairly long stop at Sky Londa to use the restroom there, which didn’t allow us enough time to do the full West Old LaHonda loop. So instead, just to do something different, we headed down Old LaHonda road. I really don’t see the attraction to descending Old LaHonda. Too narrow, and neither cars nor cyclists heading up stay in their lane. Plus no opportunities to get any speed either.

Cold, but not too cold… yet.

In that preview of things to come, we came perilously-close to the first legitimately cold ride of the… I was going to say “season” but that’s not quite right. First cold ride of the fall I guess? I saw 40.3 degrees at the traditional coldest spot on Kings, right where it crosses the creek before starting the climb. Just .4 degrees away from a legit “cold” ride in the 30s. A sign of things to come.

And we had company this morning too! Both (pilot) Kevin and JR joined us, with the latter two hanging back a bit on Kings while younger Kevin and I rode on ahead. It wasn’t a blistering pace; 30 minutes and maybe another 30 seconds or so, but at one point Kevin, hearing my breathing, asked if I was OK. My reply- “I am what I am.”

It was very pretty up on Skyline, and a bit warmer too. Pretty much 48 degrees once we got into the climb, through the rest of the ride. And yes, as you can see, great views of the coast from West Old LaHonda.

And of course it was especially nice to be feeling a whole lot better than I did Sunday.