Anyone else tired of May?

tempIMG_0617It’s time for a change. I call for an early end to May, and it’s colder-than-normal, drearier-than-normal, more-monotonous-than-normal weather. Every single day, same thing, you wake up to gray. Last week, as seen in the photo above, it wasn’t just gray, it was darned cold! And check out what’s ahead.

may_tempThe 10-day forecast show just a single day of sun, on the very last day. And a single day above the 60s, on the day before that.

Remember, this is May. The month I look forward to during the winter, the month I can usually dispense with leg warmers, the month I start noticing my climbing speed picking up. That’s been consistent since… well, since as long as Strava, and what else counts?

So yes, it’s wearing on me. It’s adding to an already-rough month, as I’m still looking for employees to add for the summer so Kevin and I can head to France, and in the more-immediate timeframe, I need to be “up” and getting things ready for the crush of customers who will be arriving as soon as that bright yellow thing shows up in the sky again! But each day I’m reminded of why I couldn’t live in Daly City or Pacifica. How many more reminders do I need? Clearly, I’m spoiled. I’m not appreciative enough of the fact that we can ride pretty-much year-round here, on a road menu that includes every type of terrain possible, with fantastic local places to eat. This, to someone visiting, would be cycling heaven.

Time for me to get much more appreciative of all that I have and less discouraged by things being just a bit less than perfect. It’s been a pretty amazing run; one month out of over 600 is little more than a speed bump in life. A shrink would send me a bill for hearing me out. You can just send me hope for seeing the sun soon! :-) Or even rain. Something different.  Thanks-  –Mike–

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Messy on Skyline; weird re-route ‘cuz Kevin doesn’t like wet pavement

kingsIMG_7312When will the gray drizzle end? This morning was another “might as well have been raining” up on Skyline morning. Not because anything was coming down from the sky, but because it had apparently already done so. Seems like it’s been such a long time since I woke up and got to see the sun!

This morning it was Eric, George, Kevin, Kevin and JR riding up Kings with me, although George turned back a bit early. Kings wasn’t so bad, and these days, getting a 27-something, for me, is OK. But younger Kevin was way off the back on the (wet) descent into Sky Londa and would have no part of an obviously-wet West Old LaHonda loop, so the two of us split off from the rest and headed straight back down into Woodside, where we looped around a bit and then did something we haven’t done in years, and remembered why. Summit Springs Road off Tripp Road. Yikes. I’d forgotten just how steep a climb could be! 7 nasty minutes of pain, and not really the good type of pain, the type of pain where you feel like you could tear off a chunk of it and say yeah, that was good, give me some more! No, this was the type of pain that makes you wonder what the point it. Kevin fared much better, at least until his VNS (the gadget that zaps his vagus nerve at a regular interval, trying to keep seizures at bay) went off, which wrecks his breathing for about 30 seconds. Coming at the steepest part of the climb, up near the top, it just about toppled him off the bike. He couldn’t continue up so he circled back down a bit until his breathing came back and he could resume his climb to the top. Even after all that, he still got there well ahead of me.

After heading back down (the only option you have; Summit Springs literally dead-ends into the side of the mountain) we amazingly bumped into JR & the other Kevin, returning from the “real” route. They confirmed what Kevin feared; that the descent down the west side of 84 to West Old LaHonda was not pleasant. Less-pleasant than climbing Summit Springs? Hmm…

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