Chain Reaction saves Redwood City (including my Mom & Robert) from burning to the ground!

The little fire that could. Or couldn't. Or wouldn't, because we wouldn't let it!
The little fire that could. Or couldn’t. Or wouldn’t, because we wouldn’t let it! By the time RCFD arrived on the scene, matters were well in-hand. :-)

Busy Saturday afternoon and smoke started coming in the front door. I know our sales are smokin’ hot, but this was coming from the outside. Go out and find the median strip, that 2-foot-wide landscaped barrier in the middle of El Camino, has a little fire going.

Burning what though? It’s dirt! I go out there, along with a customer, and try to stomp out this little tiny fire that’s smouldering just below the surface. It kept coming back. In fact, instead of smouldering, we started getting small flames. What the heck? Tried covering it with dirt. Still keeps going. Finally had this unique idea… put water on it. Kevin brought a pail of water from the shop, and then Sergio, from the storage company behind us, brought out even-more water. Crisis averted!

Had we not acted, who knows what could have happened. This tiny little determined fire might have jumped across two lanes of traffic (not very likely), caught roofs of nearby buildings on fire (even less likely), and eventually set all of Redwood City west of El Camino in flames (ridiculously absurd to even type!). And my mom and her husband Robert caught in a firestorm of epic proportions as propane tanks explode throughout their neighborhood (there are none that I know of) and they can’t drive off because their car tires have melted to the ground. And even worse, this could have interrupted my planned ride tomorrow morning.

But none of that happened because a few brave individuals did their duty and put out that tiny little fire (which probably would have eventually burned out on its own). 🙂

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Fresh meat on the morning ride; later on, Kevin’s first day back on a bike

IMG_0228kingsYet another nice morning to ride! I’m much happier this time of year; as it warms up, my weight finally starts to drop and get back down to where it should be (under 170). I like running out of notches on my belt.

This morning it was Kevin (pilot), Karl and new-guy Eli. Eli’s a summer employee in our Redwood City location, and turns out besides selling bikes, I might find it useful to hook up a toe line on the climbs. I hung back a bit to ride with Kevin, who was bogging down a bit, likely because he’d already done a swimming workout before the ride.

Seemed like a tougher ride than the 98 Strava “suffer score” implied though.

Kevin's back! I mean seriously, that's his back. First day on the bike in quite some time.
Kevin’s back! I mean seriously, that’s his back. First day on the bike in quite some time.
But today was more significant to Kevin (the kid) though; this morning he got his (57!!!) staples removed and, after work, his first time on a bike, riding home, in weeks. First time other than a couple stints on a trainer. He’s got just 13 days to go before France; this was cutting things about as closely as possible. Three brain surgeries behind him, and now, an electronic implant that is going to begin its job of trying to short-circuit his epilepsy seizures within a week. It was originally thought it would be quite some time down the road before the gadget collected and downloaded enough data for his doctors to analyze and program prior to “turning it on” for real, but today his main doc told him they had some good data; come in early next week and they’ll start it up.

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