We Own the Night!

After missing both Tuesday & Thursday’s ride while in Las Vegas for the industry’s trade show (Interbike), I knew I had to do something more than just commute to the shop on Friday. The original & obvious idea was to do a ride Friday morning, but Kevin wasn’t into that (even though he’d skipped out on Thursday’s ride in my absence) so instead I proposed something we hadn’t done in a while… a night ride.

Normally night rides are done when it’s really hot in the daytime and you just want to head into the hills, in the dark, to cool off. As if you’re going to get that cool going up Old LaHonda! On such days you see a few other cyclists out there, but tonight, not a single one. Just the two of us. Very few cars, just a couple deer, and a lot of crickets.

Is it safe? If you’re lit up like we were, it could be argued you’re safer than in the daytime, since you stand out from the surrounding quite well when you’ve got a 700 lumen light up front and two flashing lights in the rear. Bontrager Ion 700, Thunderbolt & Cygolite Hotshot SL. All USB rechargeable lights, $170 total. Pretty amazing how far $170 goes these days compared to just a year or two ago!

No great time up Old LaHonda, partly because I was wheezing pretty badly (worse than expected), and partly for the mid-way stop when Kevin had a seizure. But it was fun, and everywhere but the climb itself, pretty easy. Just over 20 miles, about 90 minutes door-to-door. Not a bad way to end the day!

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So George tracked me down in Las Vegas when I didn’t ride Tuesday?

George Smith, regular on our Tuesday-morning ride, going in circles at Cross Vegas
George Smith, regular on our Tuesday-morning ride, going in circles at Cross Vegas

Not too many things pull me away from the shop, but the industry trade show, Interbike, is one of them. Not because the trade show is essential to Chain Reaction (we see most of the new stuff on the ‘net, just like our customers do, long before the suppliers actually let us touch & feel it), but I’m on the Board of Directions of the dealer asssociation (National Bicycle Dealer Association, aka NBDA) and we hold one of our two yearly board meetings at the show.

But tonight was a bit of fun, as “Cross Vegas” was held a few miles away and one of our regulars, George Smith, was racing! He’s been doing very well in local events, and even pretty good at some national events, but at Cross Vegas, he ended up starting way at the back of the field and never was able to make it up to the front. But he put on a good show and had a good time.

Don’t look for me at the shop Thursday; I fly back Thursday night. Two missed days of riding. Three days of eating too much bad food. Sunday will not be pretty.

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