Beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel

Oh sure, it would be nice if it were 74 degrees, with just a slight breeze. 60 & windy isn’t quite that, but at least it’s not raining.

But it’s late-April. Is “at least it’s not raining” good enough? Shouldn’t I be breaking free of my dreadfully-slow “winter” body by now? Maybe it is.

Nothing unusual about today’s ride; Kevin & I probably do the Pescadero/Tunitas loop 15 times/year (OK, just checked, 22 times this past year, probably 19 of them with Kevin). There are at least 3 “reference” climbs en route; Old LaHonda, Haskins & Tunitas. You can’t keep secrets from this ride; if you’re not in shape, Strava knows all! But I went into the ride with a small amount of hope because I’m finally seeing my weight come down just a little bit, an indication that winter is on the way out. Yet as we approached Old La Honda I was telling Kevin it might not be a very fast ride up the hill. Just felt a bit like a “high gravity” day. Thankfully that turned out to be a mis-read of my body’s tea leaves.

The gigantic mushrooms on Tunitas. Huge!

I got up Old LaHonda in 22:54, my fastest time since last August. Might have been a bit faster if there hadn’t been a spot where Kevin and I almost had to come to a standstill due to a large passing propane truck. This brings up another issue. Local residents on Old LaHonda have been complaining about all the cyclists now that there’s increased car traffic due to issues on 84. Kevin and I counted the cars today; including both directions, 16 cars total, over a period of 23 minutes. This was about 11:45am; maybe it’s a lot busier earlier in the day? I can see where it might be annoying that bikes generally outnumber motorists and in nearly all cases don’t actually live on the road. Tough to come up with any sort of solution though, as Old LaHonda and Kings Mtn are much safer ways to get up to Skyline than 84 (Woodside Road). I do encourage cyclists to consider descending 84 instead of Old LaHonda though, and if someone’s super-timid descending, climbing to Skyline might not be such a great idea in the first place.

Kevin said the strong indication of wind on the flag was anything but a peaceful sign.
OK, moving back to the ride, Haskins was also climbed fairly quickly, 9:53, similar to my climbing times back in September. Tunitas? Meh. We spent a little time chatting with some people along the way, and even stopped to take a photo of some gigantic mushrooms (bigger than Pescadero cookies!!!). I felt pretty good on the steep middle part, but I’ve done better. That’s OK, overall it felt like a really good ride. Sure, we would have preferred not fighting headwinds on Stage Road, but they weren’t THAT bad.

15 days w/o rain in forecast! Damp this morning, but nice. Looking forward to the future!

I’m hopeful this is the last time I see damp roads for a while!
This morning was the first time I’ve climbed Kings in a while feeling that maybe things were improving. Riding up through the park, I was able to set the pace with the two Kevins up to the park exit, and, well, that was about it… I watched as the two Kevins gradually rode away. But I felt like I could hold a consistent pace, and I didn’t come to a grinding halt on the steeper sections. And sure, I watched as Kevin (pilot) got ditched by Kevin (my son), and maybe I made up just a little bit of ground on Kevin (pilot) before the top. It was my fastest time through the park this year and maybe some of it was simply from seeing the sun above.

And when I got home, the scale was friendlier too, showing a weight I haven’t seen in quite a few months. Hope springs eternal this spring.