Just another pretty picture

IMG_7575kingsJust a few of us this morning, myself, Kevin (pilot), JR & George. A leisurely ride up Kings among the giant Redwoods, so leisurely that even I could talk. That’s 32 minutes leisurely if anyone’s asking.

At the top Kevin K & George headed down Tunitas while JR and I continued on the regular route at a more normal pace. I even had something in the legs to push a bit on Skyline, something I don’t normally do, but after such an easy ride up Kings, the legs really felt like they had to do something. That’s kind of an odd notion, the idea that there’s something in the legs that has to be let out, but I think 40 years of doing this ride has trained my body to expect a reasonable effort.

In the end JR and I weren’t any further behind schedule than we were at the top of Kings, an indication the ride returned to “normal” after Kevin K and George took off in a different direction. Overall a very nice day to be out on a bike, but would have been much nicer if Kevin (my son) had been there to enjoy it with us. Tomorrow he’s got a visit with the doctor to find out just how long it might be before he’s literally back in the saddle again. –Mike–

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An interesting Father’s Day ride

IMG_1096imagesAnother solo ride today, since it’s going to be a bit before Kevin’s back on the bike after his accident. He’s actually healing up fairly well, except that an issue has shown up in his right hand that could be a small fracture but it won’t show up on x-ray for a while. It was a bit frustrating, seeing kids out riding with their dads, but Kevin will be back riding soon. Just as it was a bit frustrating yesterday that I couldn’t attend the memorial service for Jobst Brandt, the guy who introduced me to the Santa Cruz Mountains, so many years ago. In fact, it was a Jobst ride that first brought me to the lake in LaHonda. So now we have two of the four photos above explained. :-)

A bit different ride than normal; no loop out to Pescadero this time. Instead I went up 84 (not Old LaHonda) to check out the site where the car hit Kevin last Tuesday, so I could take some photos and gain some clarity in my mind for how it happened. Pretty much nothing to see here, move along. Doesn’t make sense that anybody thought they could thread the needle and squeeze between Kevin and an oncoming car. From there I continued up & over the hill, and in LaHonda spent some time at the duck pond, noticing some very large frogs for the first time.

And then it was time for West Alpine. I was a little bit concerned about taking on a “big” climb, after feeling a bit of pain in my left knee after Thursday morning’s ride, pain which persisted and only very gradually diminished with time. Fortunately, riding seemed to make it better, and my time up West Alpine was my second-best since 2009. I can live with that. Seems that I can climb a bit faster on my own than with Kevin, because I do much better at a steady speed, and Kevin’s pacing is all over the map.

Now those last two photos. Photo #3 is easy; a guy out on Arastradero Road riding in Chain Reaction colors! The last photo is a bit more cryptic. My bike over one of those “stop your bike here to trigger the green light” things… only the light wouldn’t change. It’s a real problem with my current bike because it has too much carbon fiber (including the rims) and not enough aluminum, so the sensing coils don’t pick it up. Hate that. But not enough to want to ride a bike that’s not as light & fast though! :-)

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