Friendly motorists do exist! But no cyclists on the road this morning to appreciate them. I mean ZERO.

Towards the top of Kings, this woman smiled, waved and gave us an “ok” sign as we rode up the hill.
OK people, it wasn’t THAT bad this morning. Where was everybody? I mean cyclists or joggers. Nobody. Kevin and I saw zero other cyclists, zero joggers on a morning that was wet, sure, but the nasty rain that had been forecast never hit with any real force. In theory, we should have been wakened by heavy rain at 4am, which should have continued until about 8am or so. In reality, Kevin and I woke up to a light drizzle, and there was only one point where the question… rain jacket or not… came up.

The answer was no. Sometimes that answer is later found to be wrong, but this morning it was right. We would have cooked to death heading up Kings, even at the ridiculously-slow speed we headed up the hill. What was it, something like 40 minutes? Seriously? But it was nice going up the hill so slowly that we could really pay attention to the damage brought on by past storms. So many trees that have fallen down, been cut down, or just pulled down. Lots of small rock & mud slides.

We eventually made it to the top and, predictably, I felt a whole lot better up there. Basically, I just need to warm up for an hour, in stark contrast to my son, who can ride like a bat out of whatever right from the start. What was sad was not having the time to do the West Old La Honda loop, which must have been gorgeous this morning, with the clouds just beginning to break up.

Good thing we didn’t chance riding the full route as we were delayed longer than normal by the road work on 84. We must have timed it exactly wrong; just one car in front of us. 8 minutes, so not really all that long, but sure felt like it! Even at 8 minutes, it’s still not worth descending Old LaHonda instead, and with our ‘cross/rain bikes, descending at speed on wet roads is pretty easy.

Definitely looking forward to the nicer weather forecast for the weekend!

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Beautiful morning, wish I had legs!

Waiting for our change to get around the damaged section of 84.
Petty nice morning; started cool and ended by warming up nicely. Would have been nice if I’d felt like I had legs, but they were clearly someplace else. Maybe I used them up on Sunday’s ride? I knew it was going to be bad when Marcus showed up, although it was actually the two Kevins setting the pace, while I tried to hold onto JR’s wheel for as long as possible (which wasn’t very long).

There’s a lot of damage around our favorite cycling roads! Amazing how many tress have been pulled down. I mean literally pulled, not cut. So many have been overhanging newly-created cliffs near the edge of the road, and if they’re not removed, they’re going to fall into the roadway, obviously a dangerous scenario. The mud on the road last Sunday has been largely replaced by dirt & dust, although there’s still quite a bit of water flowing across the road in places.

Beautiful views from West Old LaHonda, of course, and yes, that road too has some areas of trouble but in general it’s holding up OK. We’ll see what happens after the next storm rolls through Thursday morning. Coincidentally, right during our ride!

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