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News about Chain Reaction Bicycles

100% true bike shop story (happened today). “I’m not paid to have opinions, sir.”

Guy comes in looking for a saddle like the one he bought from us a year ago.
Becky’s helping him, asks what his name is, so she can look it up and see.

Guy: Oh, I wouldn’t be in there, I wouldn’t have given you my name.
Becky: I can be pretty persuasive, let me check.
Guy: Well what, you work for the CIA or something?
Becky: Yep
Becky looks it up, sure enough, it’s there.
Guy: What, how did you get that?
Becky: It’s right here dude.
Guy: So what do you think happened in Paris? Who’s behind it?
Becky: I’m not paid to have opinions, sir.

This customer fits into the category of appearing in most ways normal
but pretty sure he lives inside a Faraday cage.

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Mt Hamilton New Year’s Day schedule

Kevin, Alec (Redwood City Chain Reaction employee) and I will be heading to San Jose on the #422 Caltrain, arriving at the San Jose station at 9:53am. As before, we should arrive at the base about 10:30 for the trip up the mountain. Figure on hitting the top sometime between 12:15 and 12:45, depending upon the pace. Kevin would be pushing for 12:15 but Alec doesn’t have the miles in his legs yet (he’s relatively-new to road biking).

Trains return every hour, on the hour, and you should figure nearly two hours for the trip back to the station. Yes, really, that long, because the descent off Mount Hamilton isn’t very fast. So leave the top at 1pm, and get the 3pm train home.

As always, this is not an organized ride,  just something a lot of people do to start out the New Year. Maybe see some of you there! –Mike–

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