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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

Kevin called it a “casual” ride, because it was cold. 29 degrees might be “casual”… to him.

This is what 29 degrees looks like. The first time, anyway.
This is what 29 degrees looks like. The first time, anyway.
For several years, we didn’t see any temps below 30 on our rides, very rarely even 32 or below. It used to be the norm; we could count on 4 or 5 of our Tuesday/Thursday-morning rides to see some really cold temps. Then… we went through a bit of a change in climate for a number of years, a change where the lowest of low temps went up by maybe 4-5 degrees, but an even-more-interesting change was the disappearance of “summer fog” in the mornings up on Skyline.

You’ll be happy to hear that things are back to normal again; this past summer we saw a fair amount of fog in the mornings (and evenings) on Skyline, and we started seeing some colder temps on our morning ride.

But today it wasn’t just about cold temps in the morning; they persisted through the entire ride. It was the “usual” Sunday ride, with slight modification. Old LaHonda, Haskins, Pescadero, Tunitas. Usually we take Stage Road between Pescadero & Tunitas, but today we opted for Highway 1, just for a change. We saw some pretty cold temps, first in Woodside, then again in La Honda. Average temp ended up being 36, certainly putting it into the category of our coldest rides. Cold enough, perhaps, to have scared away quite a few others; we were told we were the first cyclists of the day in Pescadero (we arrived about 10:45am).

And yet, we really didn’t feel all that cold. Booties, base layers, jerseys, winter lined jackets, long-fingered gloves. We were actually pretty good, but not quite so toasty that we went for the regular cold cokes in Pescadero, substituting coffee instead.

It wasn’t a fast ride; about 24 minutes up Old LaHonda, almost 12 minutes up Haskins and 54 minutes up Tunitas. But after both Kevin and I missing so many rides in November and December, we weren’t expecting anything faster. It just felt good to be out there, nice to brave the cold and feel fairly comfortable.

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So about that Star Wars movie…

First things first. Sunday Kevin and I did ride; couldn’t be a long ride, since the shop was open for biz yesterday (final Sunday before Christmas for some extra hours). The plan was to do a run up Old LaHonda, down the other side and back up West Alpine. The plan was changed when it started to get damp up on Skyline and when we dared to look at the weather map on our phone, it was showing some ugly stuff heading our way. So, back down 84 and then proceeded to do “the loop” through Portola Valley. Not bad; kinda fun seeing people out on their bikes on a dreary day but all-smiles. It was Kevin who noticed that; everyone really did seem to be enjoying themselves on their bikes. Not too many contorted faces from Strava angst.

And now, about the movie. We did the family thing and saw a 7:50pm showing (not sold out by the way; pretty easy to get decent seats, but we had pre-purchased the tickets several days ahead of time).

If you liked the original three Star Wars movies, and simply want more of the same, you’re going to like what JJ Abrams has done for the franchise. Which is, really, very little new. It’d done really well, and I think the new generation seeing the series is going to be thrilled. The older generation who saw it so many years ago will be happy their memory is still intact enough to say “Wow, this looks familiar.”

In a nutshell, I can’t wait for a couple months to pass so I can write about the movie without spoiling it for anyone. There are so many things to talk about, each of which would give away key plot points. We’ll talk soon.  –Mike–


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