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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

Old ride, new me?

I’m not generally a fan of defacing signage, but in this case, yeah. Leaving signs up for many, many months saying “Loose Gravel, Bicycles Not Advised” gets a bit old, not to mention feels like they’re sending a message we’re not welcome

It’s Sunday, so it’s the usual. Old LaHonda, Pescadero, Tunitas. One difference today though; this was my first ride on meds designed to reduce my blood’s platelet count, meds which sometimes have side-effects that could potentially slow me down a bit. WEll, not only did it not slow me down, but it seemed that I was having an easier time trying to talk while climbing. Why that is, I don’t know, but I’ll take what I can get.

Old LaHonda was pretty busy, giving Kevin and I quite a few rabbits to catch, so my initial idea of taking it easy at maybe 25 minutes ended up right at 23. I really was surprised but decided not to let it wreck the rest of the ride. 🙂

A Direwolf-Corgi mix at the Pescadero picnic area behind the bakery.

Pescadero was busier than usual as the town was hosting a Portuguese festival. I suggested to Kevin that we might want to check out the food offerings, but he wasn’t having any of it. After all, the main reason for this particular loop is basically an excuse to visit the Pescadero bakery!

For reasons unknown I still have an advantage over Kevin on the 2nd & 3rd Stage Road bumps, but I certainly can’t claim that on Tunitas! Fortunately it was a no-drop ride so I really don’t know what Kevin might have been able to do if he’d gone full throttle; all I can say is that it was very, very tough to hold his wheel on the upper (flatter) section of Tunitas.

Overall it was a really nice ride. Sure, maybe it could have been warmer on the coast side, but we were dressed appropriately for it.

Last-minute change in plans worked for seeing Tour of California out nicely!

The men’s field rounding a corner on the final lap, with Quick Step’s team putting Kittel into a great position to win the sprint (which, of course, he did!).

the original plan was for Kevin and I to drive to Sacramento early this morning, park close to the American River Bike Trail, and then do a ride out towards Folsom and back, returning in time to see the finish of the men’s race.

We got off to a bit of a late start, and then hit some heavy traffic en-route, threatening to really cut into our ride time. As we approached Davis, I had an interesting thought. Why not ride from Davis into Sacramento, watch both the men’s and women’s race, and ride back? Kevin quickly checked the feasibility on GoogleMaps, which said quick, take the next exit, park & ride. So that’s what we did. And what an awesome place to leave from, with both a drive-through coffee place and Redrum Burger (formerly known as “Murder Burger” which apparently didn’t sit well with the city leaders of Davis).


The nearly-endless Yolo Causeway

We programmed the destination into our Garmin computers and they faithfully took us straight to the bike race! “Straight” is more than a subjective expression in this case; it’s a perfectly-straight run after the first slight curve on Olive Drive, over the Yolo Causeway and into West Sacramento. For some reason I’d always wanted to ride the Yolo Causeway, so it’s one more thing crossed off the list. Unfortunately, we had a mild headwind heading out, and a nasty headwind coming back! What’s with that? Riding next to the freeway, it’s also on the noisy side, plus, the surface isn’t much different from what you find on the Dumbarton Bridge bike path. Lots of debris! But we got through, twice, without incident.


Once in Sacramento we found a great place for coffee (actually, the first of two), Temple Coffee. But Food? I thought there had been a “food court” of sorts within the race course years past, but might have been mistaken? Sure couldn’t find any! Eventually we headed a block or two off the course and found a street stand selling bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Mmm. Bacon. This day was going very well so far!

We then set up for the women’s race, finding we really didn’t have an interesting place for pictures, about 150 meters from the finish. For the men’s, we found an area where they’d be coming hard through a corner, with reasonably-decent lighting. The result is at the top of the page.

Afterwards we retraced our steps back to Davis, facing, as mentioned, that nasty headwind. Somehow it didn’t seem that much of a bother though, which seems strange. Seriously, what could be worse than a perfectly-straight piece of road, with marginal pavement and a stiff headwind?

In the end it wasn’t a very long ride, just 30 miles, but did get me just over my 120 mile Strava goal. Plus another really good coffee place on the course (which I don’t recall the name of) and finally, upon our return to the car, dinner at Murder Burger! Er, I mean, Redrum Burger. What’s not to like?

Well, what’s not to like was the drive home, which took more than an hour longer than the drive getting there, due to really heavy traffic. Getting places by bike or train is so much nicer than by car.