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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

Breakthrough ride? I hope so! Went long and felt better.

Beautiful views from West Alpine, about 2/3rds of the way up.
Beautiful views from West Alpine, about 2/3rds of the way up.
It’s no secret that it’s been a while since I’ve really felt good on the bike. I was determined to do something about that today, by making the regular Sunday ride a bit longer, a bit tougher than usual.

IMG_1244w_alpineThe original plan involved myself, my son (younger Kevin) and the other Kevin. We added Andrew (Chain Reaction alumnus) and were looking forward to a moderate, almost-casual ride up Old LaHonda, out 84 to San Gregorio, south on Stage to Pescadero, return via Haskins and then, for fun, added West Alpine. What we didn’t count on was some serious additional horse power at the front when hotshot Jeff Z went flying past me on West Old LaHonda, catching up with the rest of the guys at the top. Jeff is a serious motor and pulled us very quickly towards the coast, and kept us from getting too lazy anywhere else.

Up Old LaHonda, I was… slow. But things got better and better as we went along, with the two hills on Stage Road feeling pretty good! Still not sure why the hill closest to Pescadero is one of the few climbs that I seem to have a slight edge on younger Kevin, in either direction. Haskins is another matter though; that’s one climb I’ve never nailed, and I got to watch everyone ride away from me.

What about West Alpine? At that point Jeff Z, our motor, just disappeared ahead of us. Older Kevin rode home via 84, leaving myself, Andrew and younger Kevin to deal with West Alpine. For reasons unknown, I felt really good, even on the steeper pitches. I got to ride hard enough that I’ve got that “That was a tough ride!” pain when I walk down stairs.

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Nice & easy ride with (pilot) Kevin


Last night I set up a ride with (pilot) Kevin, since younger Kevin was out of town today. After Thursday’s crawl up Kings, I wanted something pretty easy; fortunately, (pilot) Kevin had been softened up by a gnarly ride with JeffZ Saturday, so gnarly a ride that they set new Strava KOMs (all-time records) for one of the sections. This is good. Nice, social pace assured.

And then this morning I get a text from the infamous JeffZ, asking what “we” were up to. The “we” he was interested in was younger Kevin; he was looking for something to challenge him on the climbs, and that definitely wasn’t in the cards today. Checking out JeffZ’s ride on Strava, his “recovery” ride is well above my flat-out pace. Yikes.

No matter, we had a really nice ride up Old LaHonda and then straight out to the coast. Kevin wasn’t up to the longer loop via Pescadero, so no food stop (no cookies!), just a right turn up Stage Road off 84, then up Tunitas. Thankfully I was seeing 20-30 watts more today than Thursday, or even last Sunday. Beautiful day; lowest temp I saw was 47, highs in the low-60s. Had we ridden later, we would have seen low-70s. I can stand more weather like this!

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