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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

Not dead yet! (But been pretty busy and failing to keep up here)

IMG_1476hotdogWith the TrekFest sale taking a turn for the big (new price reductions, requiring new content for emails and the website, and then Trek unveils their new Domane SLR models), I haven’t been keeping up with things here. But just because I’ve fallen behind on the diary doesn’t mean I haven’t been riding. Far from it!

The photo above is from Sunday’s ride, which on Strava was titled “And now for something completely different.” And it was. Up Old LaHonda (not different), followed by West Alpine (not different) but then south on Skyline to Highway 9 (different), down 9 to Redwood Gulch, down Redwood Gulch, return on Foothill and then up Sand Hill into Woodside, back Canada and over Jefferson home.

It started out in the clouds; temps in the upper-40s and light drizzle. Not terribly pleasant, especially when I got to watch Kevin ride away on Old LaHonda. On the other hand, I finally got a 22-something on Old LaHonda. All of a sudden it didn’t seem quite so bad. Kevin did almost literally bust a gut and got just under 20; considering how many rides he’s missed lately, that was pretty darned good.

Approaching West Alpine, conditions changed quickly… the sun came out, and stayed out for the rest of the ride. West Alpine was pretty slow as Kevin was feeling his prior effort on Old LaHonda, and heading south on Skyline, was getting seriously hungry. What better way for a cyclist to deal with hunger than a hot dog from Mr. Mustard! No, doesn’t sound like the best ride food to me, either, but it certainly got Kevin going again.

Overall, a pretty nice 60 mile ride.

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142 slugs, moved a Newt to safety, cleared branches from Kings & Corgis!

VIRB0022coastThis was Kevin’s first post-kidney-stent-removal ride, so it couldn’t be too tough, nor could it be too easy ‘cuz he’s gotta get back in shape, right? So the usual Old LaHonda, Haskins, Pescadero & Tunitas. We knew it wasn’t going to be fast, but that doesn’t mean boring & slow.

We did start out pretty leisurely up Old LaHonda, 24-something, giving Kevin a chance to count a few banana slugs on the way up. A few more banana slugs heading up Haskins, which took about 13 minutes (10 if we’re going hard). Counting banana slugs is something Kevin started doing when he first began climbing the hills around here; it helped him pass the time when climbs seemed endless (he wasn’t always fast & fit).

Pescadero Bakery was CROWDED! First time in quite a while the line for sandwiches was so long we opted out, getting just an oversized double-chocolate cookie instead. That fueled us for the headwinds going north on Stage; you really look forward to when it starts to climb, so you can fight something real, not an invisible wind in your face.

IMG_1382corgisTunitas? Kevin was dragging a bit. It’s been a long time since I felt a lot better than him on Tunitas. Lots of time to count lots of banana slugs; the total came to 142, a new record. On the way up, we stopped to move a Newt off the road, shortly before a car coming through would have flattened it.

Descending Kings we stopped to clear some branches from the road (why not make it a bit nicer for the next bike coming down the hill?). The ride’s high point might have been the two Corgis on Olive Hill near Canada Road.

Overall a pretty nice ride, at least until Kevin decided he wanted a PR climbing up Jefferson from Canada. Where did that burst of energy come from? –Mike–

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