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Ride reports for everything *but* the Tuesday-Thursday morning ride

Just 25 miles Sunday, things getting tight as we prepare for France

So little time, so much to do. Today’s ride to the coast was severely shortened; it was to be our shakedown cruise of the Bike Friday folding bikes before packing them for the trip, but didn’t quite work out. First, we discovered we had no spare tubes at home! Doh! Had to ride down to the shop and pick some up, then ride up Woodside Road (yuck!) to Woodside. Heading up Old LaHonda wasn’t much fun, partly because Kevin was flying, and partly because I was having a little bit of an issue with new pedals & new insoles for my shoes. Kind of a dumb thing to do before an important event, but that’s how I roll sometimes.

The issue with the new pedals was that they weren’t set up with enough “inboard” float, so my ankles were a bit further out from the bike than they like to be. Fortunately they’re adjustable, so that’s taken care of. But further up the hill I found out that Kevin had forgotten to bring his mid-day epilepsy meds, and sorry, no way we’re heading all the way out to the coast without his meds.

Tonight (Sunday night/Monday morning) is probably my last semi-peaceful moment before having to go full-gas getting things ready and making sure I haven’t left any loose ends at the shop. We leave for France Thursday morning, arriving in Grenoble almost exactly 24 hours later. San Francisco/Chicago/Paris by plane, then a train (or two?) direct from the airport to Grenoble.

Nice thing about this trip is that we’re staying 9 days in the same place! No moving around, relatively-minimal driving (all but two stages are accessible either by bike or a combination of bike & local train). We’ll be seeing all of the Alps stages, plus the finale in Paris, as well as a stage or two that end near the foot of the Alps. Hopefully I’ll have good connectivity while there with frequent updates here! –Mike–

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A long road back for Kevin

IMG_1215coastA bit of catching up to do; this is the week where it became a make-or-break situation for Kevin and the upcoming trip to France, after the car tossed him off the road a few weeks ago.

We considered him trying to ride Thursday morning, but decided to wait another day, just to make sure his hands were OK. So we re-wrote the plan, and did an easy Portola Valley loop Friday morning, then Saturday, 4th of July, a day when we’d normally do something epic, we instead did a torturously-slow ride up Old LaHonda and… that’s about it. We had hoped to do a bit more but Kevin wasn’t feeling up to it. But, that laid the groundwork for today’s ride, the first “real” ride since the accident. And of course that would have to be a run to the coast, up Old LaHonda, over Haskins to Pescadero, Stage to Tunitas and return.

We modified the “usual” ride just a bit, opting for the coast rather than Stage Road. Kinda getting tired of that choppy pavement!¬†Smoother, but not nearly as nice due to heavier traffic. On the other hand, as you can see in the photo, it was a beautiful day out there!

What's wrong with this picture? A: Kevin's resting his arms on the bars, so his hands don't hurt. B: He's not riding his regular "kit" clothing, which was shredded when the car pushed him off the road. C: He's riding a 'cross bike because the accident trashed his Madone road bike. What's "right" is that he's actually on a bike, finally.
What’s wrong with this picture? A: Kevin’s resting his arms on the bars, as if to say “Hands? Who needs ’em?”. B: He’s not riding his regular “kit” clothing, which was shredded when the car pushed him off the road. C: He’s riding a ‘cross bike because the accident trashed his Madone road bike. What’s “right” is that he’s actually on a bike, finally.

The plan was to take it easy up Old LaHonda so Kevin would have something left later in the ride, but that didn’t work out; Kevin motored up Old LaHonda at near-normal speed (which leaves me gasping for breath). That was very encouraging, except that I had concern, later validated, that he wasn’t in shape for such an effort… that he was burning more matches than he had. The climb up Tunitas was almost as slow as the climb the prior day up Old LaHonda! Kevin pretty much died, taking just over an hour to cover a distance that he’d normally do in about 48 minutes. But… he did it.

His hands felt fine after the ride, so he’s definitely mending. Self-inflicted pain is fine (the sort of pain you get from riding really hard). This ride was all about legs that hurt, and trying to get back in shape for the trip to France.

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