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Results from the breathing test

lungtestSomeone out there will be able to make better sense of this than I! Sure, I’ve done a ‘net search and learned what a lot of the “PFT” terminology refers to (PFT=Pulmonary Function Test), but the only obvious takeaway I get is that my exhaling sucks… apparently 28% of normal, improving to 50% of normal with Albuterol. The improvement from 28% to 50% is actually pretty substantial, and a bit surprising. I had given up on Albuterol a couple years ago, when it just didn’t seem to be doing that much for me. But the post-power-measuring version of me is thinking there might be something to it, because my power numbers are beginning to come up a bit, and my times up Kings Mtn are beginning to come down a bit.

So for now, I’m sticking to the program. Two hits of Qvar morning & night, and two hits of Albuterol before each significant ride. Crossing my fingers!  –MikeJ

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The bad news is GREAT news!

Obviously, I want to find out what’s wrong with my breathing, and get it fixed. So last Friday I had a CT (cat) Scan, to get a really detailed look at my lungs. The sort of detailed look that’s required to rule out what are actually pretty scary things. In my case, Interstitial Lung Disease. Don’t bother to look it up; you don’t want to know much more than what I’m going to tell you hear. It means your lungs are developing scar tissue, scar tissue that is replacing the lung tissue that delivers oxygen from the air into your body. It’s a continuing thing (just keeps building up scars, until there’s not enough healthy lung tissue left to keep you going) and irreversible. There are therapies to slow the process and make it manageable.

So the bad news is that we still don’t know exactly what’s going on. The good news, the REALLY good news, is that it doesn’t look likely it’s something nasty. I should, as always, be more appreciative for the pretty darned good health I have. The fact that I’ve lost a couple minutes up Kings, in the grand scheme of things, is less important than the fact that I can still ride 120 miles and enjoy myself doing it.



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