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Far-left red dot is "me", location of small earthquake located about 1200ft from my home
Far-left red dot is “me”, location of small earthquake located about 1200ft from my home
Living in California, earthquakes come with the territory. You really do get used to them, after a while become rather expert at guessing how large they are, and how far away. I wouldn’t be writing at 4:39am if not for the latest version of California Rattler.

This little guy woke 3 out of the 5 people sleeping (counting the dog, who slept through it). Sharp jolt, pretty short, like you’d imagine what it would be like if a plane crashed into a house down the block. I make that comparison probably because planes falling out of the sky has been in the news lately, not because it’s anything I ever expect to experience first hand.

I told my wife that I figured it was small and close, but it wasn’t until I looked at the map that I realized just how close. About 1200ft away close! Our own little personal earthquake, just a 3.1 on the Richter scale, located just 4km deep (very shallow, which also accounts for the short duration and “sharpness” of it). Earthquakes further away tend to have a rolling motion to them, so when you get a combination of strong rolling motion and greater duration, you know somebody had a big one, probably a distance away, maybe 25-100 miles away.

A 3.1 is tiny; if you’re on top of it (as we were) yes, you’ll feel it, probably be woken up by the noise it makes. But anything more than a couple miles away and it would be tough to notice. Which means you turn on the radio and nobody’s talking about it (so you go to your iphone, type in “real time earthquake” and up pops the relevant page telling you what you wanted to know).

4:47am now. Need to get back to bed while marveling at the fact that some people get up this early to ride! Crazy. Only reason to be up this early is an earthquake. :-)

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Why we’ll never be OK with anything Lance says

This was my response to someone’s disappointment in a private on-line group about Lance’s latest revelation that he’d likely cheat again, given the same circumstances.

Not sure exactly what we’re looking for that we’re not getting. My guess is that, right now, Lance will answer just about any question asked, but this “thing” for some reason has become so personal that anything he says doesn’t matter because it wasn’t you or me asking the question. And if he gave us a truthful answer we wouldn’t believe it because we didn’t like the answer he gave to someone else’s question.

I think Lance was so good at winning that, in the afterlife, the game is fixed so he can only lose. I get that. But let’s admit what it is. Punishment for taking the caricature of “my way or the highway” Texan just a bit too far. Tell him up-front the deck’s stacked and nothing he says will reduce his lifetime ban, and then act surprised that he doesn’t say whatever it is you want him to say.

The guy’s a jerk, he deserves to be sued and lose a fortune to Emma and Betsy, but the rest of us deserve what and for why? Asher jokes about awesome, but let’s face it, it was. That’s what everyone wanted. Lance and Bruyneel didn’t create the demand, they fed it. The ‘Tour was in shambles and the French couldn’t provide a sheriff (Verinque being taken down by the Festina affair). Timing was perfect.

Stage racing is, for all intents and purposes, a staged play. It has opening, middle and closing acts, with great effort made to pace the drama appropriately. But the actors sucked. Until Bruyneel took over as Director and Lance took the lead role. Floyd was the understudy but showed up drunk when he had his chance. Lance came back to try and restore order but was too old & feeble, and the director’s vision was clouded by hubris.

So now we take out our frustration on the guy who who made the play a hit. Lance isn’t happy because his name isn’t in lights anymore. We’re not happy because the play doesn’t have a script anymore and we won’t admit the real issue is that we don’t have a King.

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