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Coming home Friday night with very sore legs

Yes, it's as steep as it looks!
Yes, it’s as steep as it looks!

Everything’s ready for tomorrow’s return to the Bay Area. This was a very quick trip with my daughter to Peru, leaving late last Saturday night (after the shop closed), and coming back late tomorrow (Friday). How we could pack so much into such a short time is a bit of a mystery, but my legs are telling me that it did actually happen. In fact, this is as sore as I think my legs have ever been, a day after something strenuous. Walking up or done any sort of an incline makes it feel like they want to buckle underneath you. Normally, if I do a really hard bike ride, let’s say the Santa Cruz loop, 115 miles with lots of climbing… normally I really enjoy that feeling of pain walking up or down steps, after the ride. But it only lasts for a few hours.

Clearly, my body is meant for cycling, not hiking! A few more photos from Machu Picchu below, including one showing the clock on the bus that takes you from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu. Proof that we got to Machu Picchu at the absurd hour of 6:19am. After having already been up for almost two hours. Crazy!

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Machu Picchu at last

Why would anybody build a city on top of a mountain, requiring that people trek long distances through a jungle, up hundreds, no, thousands of steep steps… no, wait, bigger question, why would you almost-completely build such a place, have it completely functional, and then abandon it without obvious reason?

Becky and I visited Machu Picchu today, and discovered just how vast it really is, and how silly we were to think that climbing Huanapicchu should be on that list of fun things to do? More on this later, for now we’ll start with a few photos and let you know that climbing Huanapicchu, and descending it, were two of the toughest Strava segments of my life! And they were only .7 miles each.

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