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More travel, less riding

So why show a picture of airport pillows? Because you really don’t want to be sitting next to anyone of those pictured wearing a red shirt. Everyone knows what happens to people wearing Red Shirts in Star Trek!
So I’m on the road again, this time in Phoenix on business. I’m on the Board of Directors of the NBDA (National Bicycle Dealers Association) and we hold one of our annual meetings at the IBD (Independent Bicycle Dealer) Summit at this mid-swank Marriott just outside of town.

Monday was my travel day; a pretty uneventful pair of flights first to Las Angeles and then on to Phoenix. Nice day for flying with great views, including Santa Catalina Island which looks suspiciously like Watopia in Zwift.

The NBDA meetings went from 7:30am through 4:30pm on Tuesday, including a working lunch. That’s a long time to be stuck in a seat! Later that evening the IBD Summit itself started, featuring a new-era communications guru, Scott Stratten, here to tell us how important it is to immediately, as in within minutes, respond to customer issues brought to your attention in any form, including tweets. He had some very amusing stories to illustrate his point, incuding the twitter exchange below-

More soon. No riding though. Grrr.

I’ve only been gone 5 days but you get into “travel mode” and feels like “home” is a concept, not real

I would hate to suggest that every trip has a Starbucks embedded somewhere, but that’s typically true. Only exception was Singapore, a real surprise that we saw none there a month ago. The trip I’m writing about now started Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12:45am. The destination? The Peruvian Amazon.

Most of my trips involve a lot of flights and appear at least slightly convoluted. This one, with my daughter (Becky), a bit less so. 7 hour flight from SFO to Panama City, an hour to change planes there, 3+ hour flight to Lima, 2.5 hrs there, then a 2 hour flight to Iquito, gateway to the Amazon.

Nothing too noteworthy about the flights; even the Peruvian Air segment was as bad as some reports would say it had the potential to be. Old aircraft with non-existent shock absorbers, sure… they hit the runway HARD! But reasonably on time and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I’ll start getting more up shortly. Meantime need to get ready to sleep; we leave tomorrow, thankfully not too early (1:48ppm via Copa Airlines, which is a lot more sane schedule than taking the 2am flight on United!).