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Do you call the guy holding your future a pansy?

This morning Kevin’s urologist is removing his kidney stent (basically a long flexible tube that is, um, shoved up the urethra with one end going all the way to the bladder), and his doctor is mentioning that he hasn’t been on his bike for a while because he doesn’t feel safe on the roads. At that moment in time the doctor has this weird torture device snaked up through Kevin’s, er, manhood, an ominous black gadget that’s got a camera at the far end, and up near the handle, there’s an opening for this pincher gadget that shoves up through the torture device and, with appropriate manipulation, snags the end of the stent and pulls the whole thing out.

Do you really want to call your doc a pansy while he's got this snaked up your manhood?
Do you really want to call your doc a pansy while he’s got this snaked up your manhood?
So while this is going on, what’s Kevin’s reply to his doctor’s concern about feeling unsafe on the road? “You’re a pansy.” OMG I couldn’t believe what my kid is saying. I was, of course, reminded of a Star Trek quote, from the Borg Queen when Data defiantly declares he won’t be assimilated-

Brave words. I’ve heard them before, from thousands of species across thousands of worlds, since long before you were created. But, now they are all Borg.

Kevin did survive the procedure, and will hopefully be able to ride pain-free shortly. But you gotta wonder about the kid’s timing. I mean seriously, who’s holding the cards at this table? False bravado is not something he learned from me. Of course, he’ll argue the premise that anything was false about his stance.

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Big Fish, Little Fish

fishIMG_9580_DxO1200Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of dumb things as birthday & Christmas presents. Stuff that sits down below the house, maybe still unopened, like the Star Wars lightsabre. I mean really, just because I like Star Wars and I’m a tech geek, I’m going to want a fake lightsabre? If it were real, sure!

But for the 60th birthday on Thursday, Karen (my wife) remembered I’d picked up this cool painting in Thailand a couple years ago, somehow forgotten about, still rolled up in a tube. It’s a bit of a ritual when we travel; she looks for “art” that will remind her of the place we’re visiting, something done by the person selling it, so she has a connection. Me? I saw this and instantly connected with it. Who hasn’t, at some time in their life, felt like that little fish? The eyes… how can a round space with a dot of paint convey so much?

Getting this picture framed for the wall is one of my best birthday presents ever. –Mike–

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