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Fun solo ride, the usual Pescadero/Tunitas loop

Still summer eh? Today's ride was mostly sunny, except for the parts near the coast.
Still summer eh? Today’s ride was mostly sunny, except for the parts near the coast.

A solo ride today; Kevin was at Lake Tahoe with his girlfriend, giving me a chance to stretch my legs on my own. Given that it was pretty dreary-looking earlier in the morning (I’d gotten up to watch the end of the day’s Vuelta de Espana stage), I put off leaving until about 10:30 or so, hoping it would get nicer. It did!

Nothing really fast, just a bit over 23 up Old LaHonda, but I took Haskins a bit more seriously and pushed to see what I could do there. At 9:44, not too bad, but 3 seconds slower than my best effort this year. Curiously, my power showed at 280 watts for the prior attempt, and 290 for this one. Could I have really weighed that much less then? Or does it reflect a bunch of stuff I’ve added to my bike? At least one thing is beyond question; I’m climbing at just over 1000 meters/hour. Just. It’s not going to be much fun when I realize that ship has finally sailed. Part of that getting older sucks thing.

While I’m on that (getting older), wouldn’t it be appropriate, once you get to, say, 50 or so, for Strava to show you PRs based on your past two years, rather than lifetime?

Stage Road's new pavement
Stage Road’s new pavement

OK, let’s talk about something readers might actually find useful. The rumored attempt to make Stage Road smoother. So far, the work they’ve done actually has made it quite a bit smoother. The new pavement starts just past the “house on the corner” where Stage Road makes the 90 degree turn left as you’re heading from Pescadero to San Gregorio. It continues up the first hill and down the other side, ending just as you hit the bottom. Not that big a deal if it doesn’t go further; it’s been that first hill that’s been a really rough ride.

Also noteworthy are signs on Tunitas Creek announcing significant roadwork September 29th & 30th. Probably a chip-seal treatment, so it makes sense to stay off it that weekend.

Trek R200 recumbent for sale outside the Bike Hut
Trek R200 recumbent for sale outside the Bike Hut
Speaking of Tunitas, I was a bit torn as to whether I should be trying for a good time or taking it easy. The decision was made for me as I passed the Bike Hut and noticed something familiar outside… the owner of the farm the Bike Hut’s on had put an R200, a rare recumbent Trek produced some time ago, out front with a “for sale” sign on it. Had to circle back and take a photo. Should have checked to see if it was one we sold!

Did you miss us? We disappeared from the ‘net for a day…

VIRB0322raysFirst things first. If you time it right, if you get up to Skyline just as the fog’s burning off, it’s really pretty up there. Too bad that it also makes a total mess of your bike, with the moisture from the ground getting picked up by your tires and tossed into your chain & derailleurs. Hate that!

Kevin, Kevin, Eric and… anybody else? Don’t recall. Ok pace up through the park, but about halfway up Kevin (the kid) had a pretty long seizure that wrecked any possibility of a decent time. It’s going to take a while before his $100k brain implant is fully up to speed.

But all of that happened in a vacuum, because we lost the website for a day. Apparently the change from yearly renewal to less-expensive 5 year renewal had a glitch that took us offline for a day. Very frustrating trying to update things but there’s nothing there. Don’t worry, we’re back. Pretty pictures and everything.