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If I could subtract 1 minute from my time up Tunitas for each degree over 70…

72 degrees on the coast (actually, as cool as 67!), 101 degrees in Woodside. What’s not to like? Well that depends where you’re spending most of your time! Fortunately, we made it to the coast before things really got to warm up inland. Upper-80s, finally hitting 90 by the time we got to LaHonda, then a gradual cool-down heading to Pescadero.

Mandatory stop for sandwich and a well-deserved 20oz Mtn Dew (no debate this time whether 12 ounces ought to be enough) before heading north on Stage. Thankfully, the winds were pretty much coming in from the coast, rather than heading down from the north.

Tunitas was taken at a moderate pace, even stopping on the way up to take the video you (hopefully) see at the top of this post. Anything under an hour was going to be fine today, and we managed that just fine. No question that it’s tougher climbing Tunitas on a warm day though!

Descending Kings wasn’t much fun due to pretty heavy traffic heading up the hill; my assumption is that, on a busy day (as would be the case when it’s hot inland and cool at the coast, with everyone trying to flee the heat), 84 had quite a bottleneck created by the single-lane sections, causing people to use Kings & Tunitas instead.

We waited FOREVER for it to finally warm up. But couldn’t it have done so more gradually, instead of going from “cool” to “furnace” in just a few days?

193 watts weighted power is a bit lower than expected, but the heat is probably the reason for most of that, plus it’s likely the medication I’m on has reduced my heat tolerance a bit. Whatever, still great to be out on a bike ride!

One great ride after another!

Finally a really nice day, a little bit warmer, no fog, and legs that didn’t die after Kings
213 watts weighted power… I’m back to semi-normal! Nothing fancy heading up Kings; I let the fast folk (Karen, Marcus, Kevin, George) ride away from me pretty quickly, while Mark P took it easy and finished a bit behind me. Yes, nice not to be the last person at the top of Kings, although if Mark P had been trying, that wouldn’t have been the case.

I felt OK riding across Skyline, but totally botched the sprint at Sky Londa when I lost track of George (he was on the “other” side, where I wasn’t looking). I thought I could control things from the front, even though that would give George the edge via the slingshot effect. Something he learned from me. I felt strong like bull, thinking I’d do it the hard way. Well, not this time.

On West Old LaHonda, we rode the steeper upper part fairly hard, Karen pushing the pace on her 55th birthday. This time I hung on, even able to sprint the steep little climb to Skyline at the very end. Kevin had a huge head start on it, but I tried anyway. Didn’t catch him, but it felt really good trying. That’s a feeling I haven’t had in some time. It’s a really, really good feeling. I want more of it.