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Can’t figure it out yet- Luke Skywalker twin-suns thing

Luke Skywalker looking west and thinking about future rides, heck, the future in general. Er, I mean, Kevin.
I’m trying, really, I’m trying, but neither my photoshop nor video skills are good enough. I know what I want. I want to superimpose the two suns (or are they moons?) into the photo, and have it play Luke Skywalker’s them. Just doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Meantime, there was the ride, now two days ago. A recurring theme, this getting around to reporting on a ride well after the fact. Just myself and Kevin, riding up through the park, still too cool for my lungs to work well (is 42 degrees cool or cold? It really doesn’t seem cold to me, but what I feel and how my breathing works seem to be at odds with each other). Unlike Kevin’s relatively-fast ride up on Tuesday, he stayed with me, staying near idle speed, probably too much time to think. I vaguely recall what that was like, back in the day.

Curiously, it felt like the “big storm” (which, as of Friday night, has yet to materialize) was moving in a bit early as we started the ride, although, by the end, the sun was coming out quite strongly.

The next four months would normally be something I’d be looking forward to, as the warmer weather helps my breathing and I start planning for France in July. Unfortunately, I’m facing a lot of additional challenges this year, some from the closing of our Los Altos location last September (which has created quite an inventory bulge in road bikes), and an increasing workload as it becomes difficult to find enough staff. Business is very strong right now, so we need more people than ever, but there simply isn’t enough of “us” (present employees, largely my family!) to go around, and the high cost of living isn’t attracting more to the area. Any thought of going to a 5 day workweek have gone out the window.

Think what I need is a really, really good bike ride!

The return of Marcus

That’s the closest I came to Kevin & Marcus on Kings this morning. They pulled away at the very start, and were not seen again until the very top.
For some time the “regulars” have been missing in action, until last Thursday we saw George, and then, this morning, Marcus. Which meant, finally, Kevin could be challenged on the climb, as I quickly waved him on, telling him to go have some fun.

It was a bit cooler than the past few rides, dropping down to 40, and yeah, there’s no question that has an affect on my breathing. I just went as steady as I could, with this ridiculous hope I could get 30-something, but ended up just a bit over 31. Kevin got up there 5 minutes earlier, with Marcus a minute or so behind. This was Kevin’s first relatively-fast time up Kings in ages, but still a good two minutes off a really good time for him. Time for me to get out the tow rope!

The road crews still have work to do; we were delayed several minutes on West Old LaHonda by debris clearning operations, followed by the long-running construction on Skyline between Old LaHonda and 84. New is the extensive reconstruction going on towards the bottom of 84, but fortunately this one looks to be moving along very rapidly.

Thursday will apparently be the last really nice riding weather for a few days as a new storm is supposed to move in. Friday will get interesting; supposedly half an inch during the day, followed by 1-2 inches at night. Lingering showers Saturday morning and then… nice weather for Sunday!