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In search of “Bliss”

My "blissful" cycling scene, descending Stage Road just north of Pescadero

My “blissful” cycling scene, descending Stage Road just north of Pescadero

Yesterday I came across an article about the default Windows XP screen display, that green hillside setting that it’s estimated has been seen by over 1 billion people. You can read about it here. The image is called “Bliss” and it got me thinking… is it really that different from what I see most every time I get out on my bike?

So today I set out on a somewhat challenging ride that, as I approached the coast, became blissful. I actually took the time to stop at many places along the way, taking photos, looking for that shot you might see in an advertisement (or on a computer screen).

The ride itself was the reverse Pescadero wit h West Alpine added as a kicker. Head up Old LaHonda, down 84 to San Gregorio, south on Stage Road, east on Pescadero Road over Haskins the hard way, then up West Alpine, north on Skyline and back down 84 into Woodside. A tough 67 miles but surprisingly a bit tougher than normal when you don’t stick to it but instead make frequent stops along the way.

Not the only people out on Kings this morning

google_crowdNot many of us, but quite a few of them. Us? Nigel, Todd, JR. Like I said, not too many of us. It was Thursday so it was up through the park, with Nigel saying he felt really bad, which meant I was just barely able to hold onto his wheel. Todd had ridden on ahead, but Nigel, JR & I rode up together. We passed two cyclists on the way up Kings, then came across a large number congregated at the top of the hill.

I rode over and engaged the group, asking who they were (Google employees) and discovered I had an instant “in” with this group. My bike’s “dashboard” with its video camera mounted up front. What, someone with something not a GoPro? They wanted to know what type it was, how well it worked, and then Nigel started talking about Google Glass (and not in a complimentary way)… but for a brief moment, I had the attention of some small piece of the Google brain trust. And then it was time to continue riding, because that’s what we do on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. We have a schedule to keep with roads both old & familiar.