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What a difference a couple of days make

Same place, same time of day, just a couple days difference.
Same place, same time of day, just a couple days difference.

Tuesday was one of those spectacular mornings to ride, nearly (but not quite) warm enough to go without leg warmers. Did manage to use regular gloves though! Kevin (the kid, not the pilot) didn’t make it, having had trouble sleeping (one of those mornings where you wake him up and it’s “Dad, no”), but pilot Kevin was there, along with Karen, Eric, Marcus & George. Nothing too fast, just a nice conversational pace. Mildly disappointed about that; kind of interested in how long I can keep my times up Kings improving.

Thursday was not quite such an awesome-looking morning, with heavy “marine layer” making Skyline sopping wet in places. The big surprise was the return of Karl! We didn’t know he was out there until getting to the top of Kings (Kevin the kid got there first, after ditching the Pilot and Karen on the way there, while I was chillin’ at the back with Eric). Things started getting nicer towards the end of the ride, with a dry descent on 84.

Thankfully, the weekend looks nice. A bit breezy; certainly not a good day for a “normal” Pescadero/Tunitas run (heading north into the headwind would not be fun!). If we were in better shape, we could take advantage of what will likely be a killer tail wind heading to Santa Cruz! That would be pushing things just a bit much right now. Perhaps reverse Pescadero with West Alpine. –Mike–

Borg Corgis of Woodside Assimilate Cyclists!!!

Unmistakable evidence on this cyclist's legs of Borg assimilation from these Corgis!
Locutus_updateUnmistakable evidence on this cyclist’s legs of Borg assimilation from these Corgis!

Not sure how this is going to play out in the long run; so far, Kevin’s Borg assimilation hasn’t caused too many changes in his behavior. But if he suddenly starts climbing even-faster, we’ll know why. I didn’t spot this happening at the time, but photos don’t lie. As Worf said of Captain Picard, “He IS a Borg!”