Solo ride; all systems go ahead of Dr visit tomorrow

Despite nearly 3 months of taking nasty stuff for my mild bone marrow cancer, my cycling really hasn’t suffered. Today’s solo ride (Kevin turned out to have a slight fracture after Tuesday-morning’s crash so he’s off the bike for a couple more weeks) didn’t go badly at all. My heart rate still responds appropriately with effort, my legs can still push the pedals on a climb, and the nasty, really nasty itching the medication causes? It’s simply non-existent when I’m riding. There’s no question that I lose a bit of alertness at the end of the day (bed-time is shortly after 11pm now, while it used to be midnight), but right now, I don’t have too much to complain about.

Old LaHonda was just under 23 minutes, with the most-important metric being that I stayed over the 1000 VAM target (meaning a climb rate of 1000 meters/hour). Pretty much the same VAM on Haskins, followed by pretty much the same VAM yet again on Stage Road. I can live with that!

Of course, by the time I got to Tunitas, I was beginning to feel it and was happy to finish in 49 minutes. No, that’s really not true; I was hoping for 47-something, but there’s only so much in the tank and doing it solo, no wheel to draft on the lower flanks, means you’re putting in a bit more work earlier.

Tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day; first follow-up visit with the Hematologist/Oncologist following my late-May diagnosis. I’m hoping she’ll be OK with the current results (blood test lab data, not cycling!) and not add a new med that is known to cause heart issues. My condition is something that wouldn’t be taken seriously at all if I were under 60, but since I’m on the wrong side of that arbitrary number, they treat me as if I’m going to have a heart attack or stroke if my platelets are high. We’ll see how it goes. –MikeJ

Tuesday’s missing (but eventful) ride plus Thursday

Thursday, one Kevin riding, one Kevin missing in action
Tuesday… so long ago… as if it were a fog… which it was! Very foggy morning, especially up on Skyline where it was as wet on the pavement as if it had rained. So icky up there that Kevin (my son, not the pilot) was on my wheel and missed seeing one of the many sections where pavement has been missing and went down, pretty hard. Hard enough to break his handlebar in two, and possibly hard enough to cause a very minor fracture in his left arm. We’ll find out mid-day Friday if that’s the case, when he goes to an orthopoedist. So if you come into the shop in the next few days, and hopefully only the next few days, you might see him in a sling.

Today? Just myself and older (pilot) Kevin, much less fog, quite a bit warmer, but pretty slow paced. I started out feeling really slow but of course, as the ride went on, felt better and better and better. Kevin’s bike wasn’t of the same mind though, with a stiff link that caused us to stop a couple times to see if we could make it better.

It’s been a pretty rough past few weeks, dealing with the finality of our Los Altos store closing, needing a couple of employees for the sales floor in Redwood City, and now Kevin’s possibly-busted arm. That’s three things, right? And bad things usually come in threes? That means we’re out of the woods and everything looks up from here! –MikeJ