50 Shades of Gray, er, May

50_SHADES_MAYIMG_7327Maybe it’s a promo for the movie. Wasn’t it released to rent this month? 50 Shades of May? May has certainly featured a whole lot of Gray. Today was no exception; as you can see, up on Skyline, a whole lot of Gray. It almost looked like we might see the sun earlier in the ride; I swear there were a couple of times I actually saw shadows!

This was yet another weird variation on a theme. The intent was to do the regular ride, but up near Skeggs JR’s flat tire brought our steady-but-slow pace to a stop, which also let the cold start setting in our on bones, and by the time we got going again, elder Kevin wisely suggested we head back down the way we came (Kings) so we wouldn’t have to deal with fast cars on wet pavement (heading down 84).

That’s not much of a ride, so younger Kevin and I suggested that we take Patrol Road (at the base of Kings) to the end, something I hadn’t done in many decades, and something that elder Kevin was absolutely convinced was tougher than Summit Springs. Nope. Not even close. Thankfully!

No PRs today, although truthfully, I did feel a whole lot better heading up Patrol than I thought I would! This was definitely one of those days I felt a lot better at the end than the beginning. But please, let’s see the sun sometime.  –Mike–

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Anyone else tired of May?

tempIMG_0617It’s time for a change. I call for an early end to May, and it’s colder-than-normal, drearier-than-normal, more-monotonous-than-normal weather. Every single day, same thing, you wake up to gray. Last week, as seen in the photo above, it wasn’t just gray, it was darned cold! And check out what’s ahead.

may_tempThe 10-day forecast show just a single day of sun, on the very last day. And a single day above the 60s, on the day before that.

Remember, this is May. The month I look forward to during the winter, the month I can usually dispense with leg warmers, the month I start noticing my climbing speed picking up. That’s been consistent since… well, since as long as Strava, and what else counts?

So yes, it’s wearing on me. It’s adding to an already-rough month, as I’m still looking for employees to add for the summer so Kevin and I can head to France, and in the more-immediate timeframe, I need to be “up” and getting things ready for the crush of customers who will be arriving as soon as that bright yellow thing shows up in the sky again! But each day I’m reminded of why I couldn’t live in Daly City or Pacifica. How many more reminders do I need? Clearly, I’m spoiled. I’m not appreciative enough of the fact that we can ride pretty-much year-round here, on a road menu that includes every type of terrain possible, with fantastic local places to eat. This, to someone visiting, would be cycling heaven.

Time for me to get much more appreciative of all that I have and less discouraged by things being just a bit less than perfect. It’s been a pretty amazing run; one month out of over 600 is little more than a speed bump in life. A shrink would send me a bill for hearing me out. You can just send me hope for seeing the sun soon! :-) Or even rain. Something different.  Thanks-  –Mike–

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