Kevin got back up to speed

top_of_kings_08_27_15So who are all those people at the top of Kings? No way I’m going to keep track of them. We started out with just myself, both Kevins, Karl, Eric…was that it? And by the time we got to the top we’d added quite a few more; they’d gone up a few minutes ahead of us, thinking they needed to do that or they might fall behind. Um, not today.

We were delayed very slightly by Kevin having a short seizure right after the timing point for the start of the King’s climb, but recovery was fast, and about 2/3rds of the way up, according to Kevin (not the pilot), he and the other Kevin decided it was time to kick up the pace, and away they went. Eventually they shed Karl, but I was gone much before that, pretty much as soon as they kicked up the power.

I’m trying out the new Garmin VirbXE camera/GPS unit on my bike, which, if I edited it correctly, shows the section on Kings where I got shelled. To be truthful, the first minute or two shows me hanging with them, pretending I can ride with the fast guys.

The rest of the ride was the usual manageable run across Skyline and gorgeous (as always) West Old LaHonda section. The usual. And, as usual, I felt a lot better at the end of the ride than the beginning. Could be worse!

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Someday Kevin will be back up to speed

wolh_08_25_15It had the makings for a really nice ride, another one of those mornings where Skyline was shrouded in fog in the distance, but everything burned off nicely just before getting there. Unfortunately we were a couple minutes delayed in getting started, as Kevin had a seizure maybe 20 seconds prior to the 7:45 start time, a relatively-long seizure that lasted for a couple minutes. He never completely shook it off, such that I rode with him up Kings at about a 33 minute pace, the rest well ahead of us. Who were the rest? The other Kevin, JR, Mark P, Eric, Marcus and Karl.

We sent the rest on ahead as Kevin gradually recovered and picked up speed, and did a reverse of the West Old LaHonda part of the ride, so we could meet back up with them. By this point Kevin was back at full speed, cruising up through the upper part of West Old LaHonda without issue. Until… back up on Skyline, another seizure. He got back to almost his normal self pretty quickly, with no further incidences the rest of the way back.

It would be really nice if someone could figure out why Kevin gets these clusters of seizures (he had several more at work), and then goes without for quite a while. Then I could write primarily about shared pain & suffering, which is what bike riding is supposed to be all about, right? Hmm… not everyone might agree with that, nor is it a good way to sell a lot of bikes.

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