What would Ned Stark say now?

It was really REALLY nice to wake up to sunny skies, no clouds, no fog anywhere in sight. A bit of wind, but nothing like what we saw later in the day.

Just myself and the two Kevins; I think quite a few people were going to take advantage of the warming weather and get in an afternoon ride. They might have reconsidered had they known how strong the wind would be getting! But really not so bad this morning.

No speed records; the three of us were perfectly willing to take it pretty easy. Still pretty cool up top, about 42 degrees, but that was anticipated and dressed for. Don’t even need toe covers for that! But it was a bit drippy up on Skyline… something I should have anticipated, since I’d cleaned my bike the night before! I’m looking forward to completely-dry roads, something I haven’t experienced in, what, 5 months? That’s kind of crazy if you think about it. I’ve been riding for 48 years and never seen an “off-season” like this. But it’s over. The long-range forecast shows warming weather and no rain!

Now if we could just get rid of this wind. On my ride home tonight, I saw a small bird fighting desperately against the wind, trying to make it to a telephone wire to join two other birds. That bird was completely motionless in the sky for a few seconds as its best attempt amounted to a stalemate against that wind. But it did make it, and so did I.

Pretty nice morning actually!

It was really nice, after Monday’s cold, gray & windy day, to wake up to bright sunshine and just the slightest breeze! Maybe, just maybe, we’re about to put the long winter behind us.

A fair amount of regulars showed up; Kevin (pilot), Kevin (kid), JR, George, Marcus & Karen. I felt not-so-bad heading up Kings, but not-so-good-enough that I could hang with Kevin (kid), Marcus & George when they decided to pick the pace up a bit. Maybe picked the pace up a bit too much, as it wasn’t long, just after the park entrance, that the rest of us came across Kevin lying on the road, his first decent-sized seizure in quite a while. We weren’t there to see it, but apparently George & Marcus must have thought he was just fading a bit and dropping off the pace, as they just rode on ahead, unawares. Kevin recovered and got going again (although a bit disoriented at first; we had to point him “up” the hill as he’d mounted his bike facing “down”). If not for the stop, I might have finally gotten under 30 minutes again up Kings. Soon. Very soon.

Skyline was just slightly damp in a few places but not bad, and at 41 degrees, not really too cold either. It was a pretty easy, conversational pace for the rest of the ride, although I did go to the front and push things a few times heading from Sky Londa to West Old LaHonda. Yes, West Old LaHonda still exists. The road is very gradually crumbling and needs help, to be sure! Hopefully the county will get around to doing something about it.

While we’re on the topic of roads in trouble, we were held up a bit longer than usual (5 minutes or so) at the first construction stoppage heading down 84. There’s a whole lot of work left to be done on the road; we spent a bit of time talking with a road guy who was pretty upset at how badly they let the road get, and yes, it does look like it will probably be sometime in July before it’s back up to speed. The dangers of “deferred maintenance” are as bad for roads as they are for bikes!