How many to fix a flat? One to watch, one to film (film?) and 3 disinterested

IMG_7972flatAnother nice morning, still just barely warm enough to not have to consider leg warmers, but that won’t last. Karl, Eric, JR, George, Kevin… anyone missing? A few of the regulars are off in Europe doing a non-sanctioned week-long race in the mountains, including pilot Kevin and Mark P. But hey, we’ve got George, 3rd place mountain biker in his age group at the World Championships!

Fairly easy pace up Kings; Kevin’s still adjusting to a change in his meds so he’s a bit of a late starter. Works for me! At least for a little while; by the time we got to West Old LaHonda, a few minutes after George took off ahead of us (he’s 3rd place mountain biker in the world, so we let him do things like that from time to time, just to keep his image up), Kevin decides it’s time to go and takes after him. Whoa, where did that come from, as he goes flying past me! He almost caught George; Kevin says he came within 20 feet or so on the final steep pitch up to Skyline.

Oh, that flat tire? That was Karl’s; he’d picked up a “Michelin wire” somewhere (a “Michelin wire” is what you get when a steel belted radial car tire is driven too long and the steel mesh gets shredded on the roadway, leaving little bits of steel wire waiting for a bike tire to puncture). And his spare tube? Not adequately protected in his seat pack, so it, too, was flat. Kevin ended up loaning him two cartridges and a tube. Too bad; before his flat we were finally running on a normal schedule!

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We are really spoiled

stage_road_08_30_15What if you had to quantify a ride, or at least bullet-point it?

  • Old LaHonda/Haskins/Pescadero/Tunitas loop. 57.6 miles, 5,863ft of climbing.
  • Easy ride up Old LaHonda. How easy? 25 minutes easy, nearly 3 minutes off normal pace.
  • Noted LaHonda store, closed last Sunday, was open today. Blue Herons, Turtles, Ducks, and what’s the bird with the really tall legs? Almost stork-like?
  • Easy ride up Haskins, about 12 mintues, 2 minutes off normal pace.
  • Arcangeli Grocery (fancy name for Pescadero Bakery & store) now sells “real” Coke from Mexico (cane sugar instead of corn syrup). They still recognize Kevin at the sandwich counter in back, remember his order and start making his sandwich (Chicken Club) before he gets to the front of the line.
  • Saw super-skinny cyclist in a Stanford kit in Pescadero; saw him again at the Bike Hut on Tunitas. Assumed he’d pass us on the way up but never did.
  • Pretty strong headwinds on Stage Road heading north.
  • Other than the wind, the weather was about as perfect as you can get, between 65 and 75 degrees.
  • Kevin was the weakest link on Old LaHonda and Haskins, but found his strength on Tunitas.
  • Trying to keep Kevin in sight on Tunitas, I started feeling some hamstring issues, a rare thing for me. A lower gear might have helped, but since the pain comes with each turn of the cranks, and a lower gear means more turns of the crank, does it really matter?
  • Kevin had no seizures, a major accomplishment lately!

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