I don’t know; ride casual. Think that’s what we were doing this morning.

wolh_09_03_15Arriving at the start of the Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride and finding… nobody there… is a very unusual occurrence.  Even during the worst winter storms, there’s usually somebody waiting at Olive Hill & Canada Road, ready for the precise 7:45am departure for Kings & beyond. But today… nobody. Was it the slightly-cooler weather? Sure, we did wear leg warmers this morning (Kevin’s idea, actually, and a good one, as it got down to 47), but still quite nice out.

So what would the pace be like, if it’s just myself and Kevin? In a word, casual. It wasn’t as if Kevin was hurting in any way; he just wasn’t feeling like riding fast. Had Marcus shown up, it might have been different. It would have been different. But with just me, Kevin was content to just cruise at maybe 70% effort. At the top of Kings, still nobody. We headed south on Skyline, moderate pace, just late enough that nearly all of the fog had burned off, leaving just the slightest trace of the sun’s rays coming through the trees.

And then, at Sky Londa, the two of us became 5, as we met up with JR, Bill & Scotty. Kevin was really wrecking the age curve of this group, being 22 and the rest of us, well, I think at 59 I’m the youngest! Things stayed relatively-calm until the upper stretches of West Old LaHonda, where Kevin put the pedal to the metal and took off. Yeah, well, when you’re 22 you can spend the whole ride faking that you’re a bit tired or going to just phone it in or whatever, and then just take off. I tried to hang onto his wheel, but it wasn’t going to happen. Kevin’s figured out that I can’t just switch it on & off like he can. Hate that.

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How many to fix a flat? One to watch, one to film (film?) and 3 disinterested

IMG_7972flatAnother nice morning, still just barely warm enough to not have to consider leg warmers, but that won’t last. Karl, Eric, JR, George, Kevin… anyone missing? A few of the regulars are off in Europe doing a non-sanctioned week-long race in the mountains, including pilot Kevin and Mark P. But hey, we’ve got George, 3rd place mountain biker in his age group at the World Championships!

Fairly easy pace up Kings; Kevin’s still adjusting to a change in his meds so he’s a bit of a late starter. Works for me! At least for a little while; by the time we got to West Old LaHonda, a few minutes after George took off ahead of us (he’s 3rd place mountain biker in the world, so we let him do things like that from time to time, just to keep his image up), Kevin decides it’s time to go and takes after him. Whoa, where did that come from, as he goes flying past me! He almost caught George; Kevin says he came within 20 feet or so on the final steep pitch up to Skyline.

Oh, that flat tire? That was Karl’s; he’d picked up a “Michelin wire” somewhere (a “Michelin wire” is what you get when a steel belted radial car tire is driven too long and the steel mesh gets shredded on the roadway, leaving little bits of steel wire waiting for a bike tire to puncture). And his spare tube? Not adequately protected in his seat pack, so it, too, was flat. Kevin ended up loaning him two cartridges and a tube. Too bad; before his flat we were finally running on a normal schedule!

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