Winter isn’t coming. It’s here.

IMG_0873flat_duck_pondIt’s Thanksgiving, time for the annual Turkey-Day ride out to the coast. It was also time to seriously bundle up, although I wasn’t quite aware how serious the need was.

IMG_8598coldJust three of us this morning; we didn’t do a formal pre-announced ride this year. Myself, Kevin & Todd. The plan was the usual; head out to the coast and back. Normally it would have been Tunitas for the return but Todd had to get back a bit early so we went for 84 instead. Or at least that was the plan.

Cold? Oh yeah, it was cold. Actually saw 27.5 degrees just before the start of Old LaHonda, but only have a photo of it being 29-something in Woodside ‘cuz I really didn’t feel like taking the gloves off again. Not really a big deal taking off, but getting them back on, when it’s that cold, is a bit of an ordeal.

Todd and Kevin “rode casual” and rode up and away from me going up Old LaHonda, which wasn’t much of a surprise. It did warm up a bit on West Old LaHonda; a balmy 32 degrees! We were hoping it would get even-nicer as we neared the coast, but never made it. Todd got a nasty flat near the duck pond, one of those glass slices that really wrecks a tire. It was booted with a dollar bill but not the sort of thing you’d trust your life with so we headed back at that point, Todd and Kevin flying up 84 and I’m just trying to hang on, and then later, keep them in sight.

This Sunday will be better!

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The rain at the end made the ride worthwhile

rain_finally_11_24_15Yesterday I brought the Boone Cross bike down to the shop to get checked over and make sure it would be ready for the rain forecast for today; didn’t need much, just tire change and fender installation. Spent a bit of time last night with Kevin making sure we had all of our wet weather gear ready to go (it’s been a while since we’ve needed it), and looked forward to something a bit more than mere drizzle this morning. Even though the weather forecast showed not much likelihood of rain until 10am, the clouds obscuring Skyline this morning made it appear riding the rain bikes would be a wise decision.

Of course, being the first Tuesday/Thursday-morning “rain” ride, it took just a little bit longer to get out the door (ok, garage actually) than normal, and rain bikes being just a bit slower than our regular bikes, we committed the cardinal (and annual) sin of showing up at the start about 52 seconds late. Not that anybody’s counting. Joining us were “pilot” Kevin and JR, both on “regular” bikes without even fenders. Obviously, the fact that they rode away from me was their lighter bikes, and obviously they’d be paying for that choice soon, right? At least this time Kevin (my son, not the pilot) stayed with me on the climb up Kings.

Once up on Skyline we learned the truth; the pilot and JR weren’t intending to do the full ride. Something about pilot having to pick up a tie at his house and then ride back down Kings to his car so he could go to work. Up until that point it had been reasonably-dry, but after the two of them left us on Skyline, our luck changed… it got colder and damper. Strange to think this is what we had hoped for!

With just the two of us left to fight the headwinds going towards West Old LaHonda it was a bit of a battle, but on the positive side, that kept us warm. Best of all, the further we went, the worse the weather got! Kevin and I were on a roll. We started picking up some light rain descending 84 into Woodside, and by the time we climbed over Jefferson on our way home, we finally hit some real rain.

Ride complete.

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