A PR towards at the beginning of the ride is NOT something to look forward to

Pretty clouds on West Old LaHonda this morning!
Pretty clouds on West Old LaHonda this morning!
It’s not much fun when Kevin’s having kidney stone issues. Why? Because one way he deals with them is to get mad and ride even harder than normal. That’s what he did this morning, on our way to the start. Going over the top of Jefferson, the part where I’m gradually trying to warm up and convince my body to move, he took off. I mean really took off. As in, he’s no 39th out of 2,667 for that segment (I’m 43rd, one second behind). And now I’m thinking, hmm, just 17 seconds faster and I can own that segment. 17 seconds. Doesn’t sound like much, but I’d have to be well warmed up ahead of time to pull it off. My heart rate only got to 153; hard to expect it could get much higher than that, just 5 minutes into a ride.

The rest of the ride? A bit warmer than I expected; leg warmers weren’t a bad idea but I probably could have dispensed with the base layer. I hung onto Kevin & Marcus & JR for as long as I could, but Kevin was already pulling away from the start. I found out later that he blew up around the archery range, allowing Marcus to move in for the kill. I rode the last third of the climb with Eric, at a conversational pace for him but certainly not for me.

Still waiting for the relatively-hot weather we’d normally see during the summer. I don’t enjoy riding when it’s hot, but I ride faster, and in the end, I prefer to enjoy riding faster when it’s hotter than I like, rather than riding slower when it’s nicer.

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Late solo ride as Kevin has his occasional kidney event

My Sunday rides rarely find me heading north on Mountain Home Road.
My Sunday rides rarely find me riding north on Mountain Home Road.
The plan was to watch the finish of today’s Vuelta stage and then head out on an earlier-than-normal ride so Kevin could spend some time in the afternoon with his girlfriend. Kevin did end up spending the time with his girlfriend, but the ride didn’t happen due to his semi-regular recurring kidney pain that sent him to the ER this morning. It was 3:30 by the time he finally got home, and about 4:45 I finally got out on a ride. Nothing into the hills; just an extended loop, heading towards Los Altos & back.

Kevin’s fine; there was no issue with his semi-functional kidney becoming less-functional. This appeared to be another micro-stone, something that wouldn’t give any of us any issues, but causes havoc with Kevin’s multiple-times-spliced-and-diced internal plumbing.

The good thing about scrapping the regular ride? More Strava PRs! It’s almost impossible for me to get any PRs on the usual coastal loops; I’ve done them so often, for so long, that I’d really have to put in an extraordinary effort. Or turn back the clock a few years. But put me back on flatter terrain and shorter Strava segments, and I can do something. Strange to think I do a lot more riding on roads further from home than closer.

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