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Put Daylight Saving Time out of its misery

20121101-235508.jpgThe photo says it all. This is what I look forward to this time of year, on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. 7:03am or so, out the kitchen window. If it's not clear, this is not to my liking. I have never understood those for whom watching the sun comes up is a glorious start to their morning. Instead, if I wake up and it's dark, I'm wondering, did the sun go away? Will it ever be bright & warm again?

Thankfully, it will be light outside next time I wake up for my morning ride, since Daylight Saving Time comes to an end this Sunday. Normally I enjoy extra daylight in the evenings, but once it starts getting darker around 6pm, what's the point? We're slowly heading towards the darkest day of the year (December 21st or 22nd, not sure which it is this year), but right about now I'm thinking why pretend we've got enough daylight to do something useful in the evenings or, soon enough, the afternoons? Let's trade some of that not-quite-long-enough-to-be-useful sun later in the day for the mornings, so at least we're not waking up to a world that doesn't appear ready for us?

And with thoughts like that, is it any wonder that I was dreadfully slow on my rainbike this morning? Kevin wasn't much better off, likely because we were the only two on the ride today so he had nobody to chase or try to stay ahead of. It never rained on us, the worst of the storm passing early in the night, dropping just enough moisture to make sure everything stayed wet and not enough breeze to dry anything off. Nor was it even cold; both of us over-dressed for temps that didn't drop below 50.

As for the roadwork on Skyline, we did the normal loop this morning, trusting that Skyline would now be passable after the chipseal work this past week. Let's hope they put at least a thin layer of asphalt over the extremely-rough surface after the gravel that may not have had enough oil to properly bond with the older pavement. For now, they've taken one of our nicest, smoothest roads for cycling and turned it into a selling tool for "comfort" bikes.

OK, right, we're heading towards winter and there's really nothing about winter that I like and this post has done nothing to hide that. :-) --Mike--



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