Cold, yes it was cold! And West Old LaHonda update

Another cold morning, more really wet roads, but hey, we got our Kings time down to… 36 minutes!!! I remember the old days, when I could be sick as a dog and 30 minutes was the max time I would expect. Anything longer and I must be in need of burial. Such were the days.

Kevin and I rode our nice bikes (Trek Emondas) today, as we did on Sunday, and as on Sunday, it was a questionable choice. Bikes get pretty trashed on wet roads, and the skinnier tires don’t have as much traction. And yeah, disc brakes are nicer than rim brakes too, although there really isn’t much need for hard breaking on our regular Tuesday/Thursday morning ride.

We saw a few others out there, not a lot, but it feels like people really want to get back onto their bikes, after a year’s worth of rain coming at us in just two weeks!

And of course, a quick check of conditions on West Old LaHonda. Because we don’t know when they’ll make it completely impassable, for the time being we’re riding it from the top-down, so we don’t end up having to backtrack due to an unexpected roadblock, and end up late for work. Hate that!

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