First morning in a long time it didn’t drop into the 30s. Good thing, that! But no legs to go with it.

Maybe I should have included the many rabbits we saw in the title, more rabbits today than other cyclists. Usually we see just one, two, and rarely three rabbits. If we see any at all. The reason we saw so many rabbits is shown in the picture; overcast/fog. The rabbits come out to the road when they feel safe, and safety, for a rabbit, involves not being easily seen by overhead predators. Keven wondered why they come out to the road; I’m thinking maybe that’s the easiest place to meet up with other rabbits!

OK, just the two of us today, although we did see Karen riding down Kings just as we were heading up. Slow? Oh yeah, so slow that Kevin hardly noticed he was having a seizure not too far into the climb. We could tell from the very beginning that neither of us had legs today. One of those days where you think about where you might even want to turn back, but fortunately I haven’t gotten to that point yet. 40+ years of doing this ride, and it’s actually a longer ride than at the beginning (back in the day, we didn’t include the West Old LaHonda loop).

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