I wouldn’t have chased this truck down to draft it on west 84 right?

Solo ride this morning with Kevin in Spain and Kevin in Disneyland? Boy, talk about rejection! But turned out I wouldn’t be alone, at least not for the main event, as Karen showed up, her first time back, on our ride, since her brain aneurysm (and yes, I had to look up how to spell that) a couple months ago. And it was climbing Kings, by herself, when the aneurysm did it’s thing. Not too far up, just past the sharp left hand corner with the big tree laid across the right-hand side. We were riding semi-casual, which meant I could actually get a few words in here & there every few breaths. We compared notes; how much weight she lost (4.5 pounds) vs me (11 pounds) when we each had our serious cycling, er, outages (for me, when I cracked my pelvis in two places, for her, obviously, the brain thing). How leg warmers that used to be tight are now loose. How the weight you lose is in all the wrong places (although, overall, I needed to lose that weight… my climbing improved significantly, albeit only for a year or so, when that weight came off).

Cold? Yes, winter is coming. I had to wear my coldest-weather gloves for the first time, even though the low was just 42.7 I think? And windy! I was comfortable, but definitely ride better when it’s warmer. Still, it felt a lot better being out there than not. And it was a good reminder that, the day you might decide to sit one out, because you’re feeling tired and nobody else is going to be out there, right? That’s the day someone else shows up. You’re not just riding for yourself; there is an obligation to keep the ride going, keep the faith.

Thankfully, it’s supposed to start warming up again over the next few days, up to 80 on Saturday before plunging to 68 and… a chance of rain???!!!… on Sunday. And of course I work on Saturday and ride on Sunday. My rain bike isn’t even in usable shape right now. Guess I’d better get on that. Was thinking I might avoid rain all the way up to my (non cycling) trip to Greece at the end of the month, and maybe face it on the return?

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