Big waves on last really warm day of the year?

Tough to say how many more days like this; temps between 75-85 for the most part, light winds and I definitely do better when it’s a bit on the warm side compared to cold. Still, Kevin and I took it fairly easy today, as Kevin continues to deal with a mild digestive issue that brings up memories of LeMond’s “bad peach” story.

While we didn’t get out on our bikes until after 10am, the day started much earlier, as we got up around 7am to watch the last hour or so of Paris Roubaix. Quite a bit different weather than here! I’m actually watching the condensed coverage of the full race right now; what a crash-fest.

But no crashes for us (thank goodness); nothing very eventful at all, just hoping to get a few miles in and hopefully start to feel normal again soon.

Ah, the waves. First noticed them on Stage Road, looking out at the coast and seeing big rolling waves that extended way out to sea. In the photo we’re descending towards Tunitas, and you can see them on the far left. Get the feeling there are big changes in the weather heading our way.

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