Kevin’s coming back

Is this tree, which has been steadily dying over the past 30 years we’ve ridden past, a sign of things to come? I’ve got to see if I can find some early pictures.
After Kevin’s kinda disastrous ride Sunday, where he suffered knee pain and a complete lack of power, I wasn’t overly optimistic about how he’d ride this morning. I even wondered if I should suggest he take out his e-bike. But it was an entirely different version of Kevin that showed up this morning.

Two Kevin’s actually, as the now-retired Kevin (pilot) rode with us. At the beginning of the climb I was able to do my interval thing, ride pretty strongly, then wait up a bit, although I noticed I wasn’t waiting up much, not much at all, because Kevin was trying to stay with me. And the times to the first couple of timing points weren’t all that bad. But I was able to keep it up, riding strongly for a bit, then throttling back for the other two to catch up, until… until we came across a guy riding up Kings on a full-suspension mountain bike, not e-bike, and we were not having an easy time closing the gap. Finally did get past him, and… there was Kevin (not pilot) right on my wheel. And for a little bit, on the wide-open clearing section (1.41 miles to go), I was thinking I was going to blow and Kevin ride past. It took me more time than I wished to regroup, settle in, get my rhythm back and push on again.

But Kevin never fell apart; he continued to ride pretty strongly, and had no issues riding across Skyline or West Old LaHonda either. Looks like things are (finally) getting back to normal.

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