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When did Summer end and Winter start? Think it was today...

Really nice clouds today, and Kevin's still smiling while on West Old LaHonda.
The days of not wearing leg warmers are over. How strange that we have all those warnings about dangerous conditions for fires and we end up on Skyline under dark skies and 50 degree temps? Something's just not quite right with the world. Yeah, still 2020, how many days to go?

Kevin and I left at 10:10, a pretty early start for us. There was a chance we'd be leaving considerably earlier, maybe 8:45, to meet up with the other Kevin (pilot) but he ditched us in favor of swimming. Kevin (not pilot) pulled pretty strongly over Jefferson, Canada and Mtn Home, leading me to wonder if this would be the ride where he "returned" and leaves me in the dust. Not quite yet. He might have overdid himself en route to Old LaHonda, so we rode "casual" at about 26 minutes. Too bad; at 56 degrees it was pretty ideal climbing weather, and I had legs that wanted to go hard.

Passing by the duck pond we saw a very large Crane take flight, two Herons where the turtles used to be, and maybe half as many ducks as usual. Are they already heading south for winter?

West Alpine. What can you say? It was a bit under an hour; Kevin's knee was OK, but no gas in the tank. Quite beautiful on the way up, with scattered clouds and really blue skies, but towards the top came the ominous-looking clouds and dropping temps. This was the first ride in ages where I suffered a full-blown Raynauds attack (an issue with the circulation in my hands causing my fingers to go white and lose feeling); I'll be packing long-fingered gloves in the future!

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