Blue Skies take some of the sting out of being Jeff’ed

Thursdays are getting tough; nobody at the start, but it’s become the thing lately that Jeff catches up to me about 1/3rd of the way up Kings, goes flying ahead and waits at the top to torture me some more. Today I almost “escaped”; as I was emerging at the top of Huddart Park, Jeff was just 100 meters or so down the hill. Had I been just the slightest bit slower, Jeff would have overshot me and never known I was behind him.

Last week’s “air”
Of course, maybe I could have raced after him and caught up. Yeah, right! Jeff at idle is a pretty taxing wheel to try and keep in sight, much less hang onto. With George or Kevin (pilot), they’ll often ride a steady pace that I can kind of “launch” from, doing a hard effort for a minute or two before throttling down and waiting for them to catch up. Not with Jeff. Not. Ever. And now he’s even in my Strava age group! And just did a 36 minute time up West Alpine. Yikes.

But having breathable are makes things seem so much nicer.

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