How much longer can it last?

Strange days indeed. Starts out nice and relatively warm (60 degrees), warms up a bit as you climb, stays pretty nice up on Skyline, but the second you make the turn heading west on 84, bam, it’s 51 degrees and foggy!

But of course the Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride is all about the climbs. And today on the climbs we had Kevin (pilot), George & Collin. Kevin (not the pilot) was home nursing his still-painful knee. We also spotted Karen on our way up, during intervals. And apparently someone else who was doing the “Everest” thing on Kings today, trying to climb 27,000ft in one day. And even though I hadn’t had much sleep the night before, I still felt pretty good, getting far enough ahead by the park entrance that I did a circle waiting for the others.

Actually, George was there with me, and anything that looked like I might be strong enough to drop George would just be him taking it easy that day. But I did hold up at the wide-open section for a couple minutes to accompany Collin the rest of the way, helping to pace him to a PR two minutes faster than before.

So it’s pretty much all-good, almost as if I had returned from France in good shape.

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